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 April 2010
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USA: Sunny Outlook after a Stagnating Market in 2009  

"There has been a lot of Market Turmoil in Australia" 

Uruguay: First Steps towards a Sunny Future  

India: Official Launch of the New Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI) 

Soleil de Nefta - Solar City in the South-West of Tunisia

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A very common phenomenon for national solar thermal markets is the fluctuation in their annual growth rate.
In this newsletter, we take a look at four markets that are very different in their respective size, regional spread and maturity. The development of these nations' solar heating and cooling sectors during 2009 was  extremely uneven: ranging from -15% in France and 0% in the US to the fast growing emerging markets in Uruguay (+33%) and Malaysia (around 40%). 

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USAUSA: Sunny Outlook after a Stagnating Market in 2009
by Bärbel Epp 
The discussions at the 2nd German-American Energy Days in Berlin this March dealt with the opportunities and challenges of the US solar thermal market. The various speakers pointed out the reasons  which are at the origin of the slowdown of the market in 2009. Notwithstanding last years' downturn, there was also some news to be announced on the conference, which resulted in general optimism about how the market might develop in the coming years.
Australia"There has been a lot of Market Turmoil in Australia"
by Hanna Schober
The investigated why the Australian Government decided to discontinue its Solar Water Heater Rebate Programme in February. We have interviewed Stephen Cranch, Sales and Marketing Manager of Solahart Industries Pty Ltd Australia, who provided a short overview of the current market and support schemes' situation.
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UruguayUruguay: First Steps Towards a Sunny Future
by Eliseo Cabrera / Carlos Faria Café
The first and most important step towards supporting the national solar thermal sector was the creation of "Mesa Solar" in 2008, a multi-sector network for the promotion of solar energy in Uruguay. Its members include not only public institutions and universities, but also private companies, consultants and various associations related to the topic. The joined effort has already produced some results: the collector market has experienced an annual growth rate of 50% over the last two years.
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IndiaIndia: Official Launch of the New Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI)
by Jaideep Malaviya
Announcing its recent foundation at a press conference in New Delhi on 18 March 2010,  14 solar thermal manufacturers combined forces to establish the Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI). The picture on the right shows the board members (from left): STFI Chairman Krishnappa Subramanya (CEO of TATA-BP Solar), STFI President Jaideep Malaviya (consultant and journalist) and Vice-Chairman Hemant Revankar (Managing Director of Bipin Engineers).
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TunisiaSoleil de Nefta - Solar City in the South-West of Tunisia
by Hanna Schober
The "Soleil de Nefta" project in Tunisia foresees the installation of solar energy systems of about 20 MW by 2016. Latest solar technologies will be used in order to meet the energy needs of Nefta, with its 20,000 inhabitants located in the south-west of Tunisia. 6 MW of solar thermal capacity for hot water production, 6 MW of photovoltaic to generate electricity, 4 MW of solar cooling systems and 4 MW of concentrated solar power are expected to be in place by then.
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