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 February 2010
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California: CPUC Approves 8-Year Incentive Programme

Solar Thermal Roadmap for New York State, USA

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There is a tremendous amount of opportunities for solar thermal applications worldwide. However, tapping this potential will require more than just launching another incentive programme. What is needed is a comprehensive strategy that not only specifies standards, but also offers training and takes care of marketing issues. South Africa and the New York State are good examples of the importance of this matter. 


South Africa drafted an "Overall Recommended Strategic Framework", with the aim of providing no less than one million families with solar water heaters. The New York State is developing

a Solar Thermal Roadmap to identify business hurdles and pave the way for becoming the leader in the fast-growing US solar thermal market. 


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California: CPUC Approves 8-Year Incentive Programme

by Hanna Schober
On the 21st of January, the Californian Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finally approved the "California Solar Initiative - Thermal Programme". The 8-year programme has a budget of US$ 351 million and includes some innovative features.  
NewYorkSolar Thermal Roadmap for New York State, USA
by Bärbel Epp
A strong coalition of businesses, governmental and academic groups in New York State is aiming at writing a roadmap for solar thermal technology. The Solar Thermal Consortium is led by the Clarkson University, the New York Solar Energy Industry Association (NYSEIA) and Droege & Comp., an international management consulting firm. The final version should be available in April 2010. 

SouthafrikaSouth Africa: Solar Water Heating Strategy & Implementation Plan

by Hanna Schober
The Department of Energy (DME) in South Africa published the draft version of the "Overall Recommended High Level Strategic Framework" last November which should start in April 2010. As a basis for the strategic framework six homogenous market groups were defined. Each market group should be approached differently.
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MaltaResidential Incentive Programme in Malta Revised

by Bärbel Epp

Since the beginning of 2010, the incentive programme for domestic solar water heaters on the Mediterranean archipelago of Malta has new framework conditions in place. The government hopes to boost a stronger response with its new scheme than it achieved with the old one in 2009. 4,000 families should have benefited from the incentive programme last year, but only 2,751 applications were approved.

LebanonLebanon: Training Programmes for Solar Water Heating
by Hanna Schober
Training programmes play a crucial role in developing solar thermal markets - especially when it comes to larger solar thermal systems for commercial and public institutions. A series of technical workshops in Lebanon focus on how to design, install and maintain solar thermal systems. You can download the presentations on how to design and size solar water heating systems, as well as a speech about lessons learned from installation mistakes.