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 November 2009 
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European Facilities Testing Products for the US Market

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Associations play a crucial role in defending the interests of national solar thermal industries. "We are doing it for the love of the industry," says Dylan Tudor-Jones from SESSA, South Africa. This newsletter will present the professional work of associations in the Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa.
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testingEuropean Facilities Testing Products for the US Market
by Joachim Berner 
The growth prospects of the US solar thermal market are attracting system suppliers from all around the world - too much to handle for the two North American testing laboratories Exova Canada Inc. and Florida Solar Energy Center. Meanwhile, six European testing facilities have been accredited according to SRCC quality standards among them five from Germany.
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Interview"Bringing the Industry Closer Together"
by Hanna Schober 
Dylan Tudor-Jones was a founding member of the Solar Water Heating Division of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA). spoke with him, in October, at the Solar World Congress 2009  of the International Solar Energy Society, in Johannesburg. His division is constantly growing. Two years ago it had only 15 members and today there are already more then 190 members.
slowdownSlowdown of the Solar Thermal Market in Germany  
by Bärbel Epp
The growth of the German solar thermal market is coming to halt, or even worse. The market statistics of the German Solar Industry Association BSW-Solar and the Heating Industry Association BDH show a strong decrease during the summer months.
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MinitecGermany: Minitec Sets up a Demonstration Production Line

by Bärbel Epp
The automation engineering specialists from the German company Minitec want to set up a pilot production line for collectors and absorbers soon. The objectives of this so-called competence centre are to show costumers the collector manufacturing in operation and improve the assembly methods of collectors on a regular basis, based on empirical results from the demonstration plant. 
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HollandHolland Solar Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
by Hanna Schober
Holland Solar, The Netherland's national association for the solar energy industry, has turned 25 this year. At a one-day congress called "Sun Energy in the Netherlands: Past - Present - Future" at the beginning of October, with 250 people attending, a new position paper on "Solar Heat" was presented.
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