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August 2009 
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Mexico City Shows the Way to Solar Obligtions in Central America 

Large-Scale Solar District Heating in Denmark 

India: Cross Checking the Size of the Solar Thermal Market 

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Some good ideas take a while to be copied. This is the case with solar obligations, which were introduced in Israel 29 years ago. Within the last three years, this political instrument has reached all five continents. The new subsection obligation on includes already 25 news items from 16 countries worldwide, which implemented solar or renewable building codes. 
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mexicoobMexico City Shows the Way to Solar Obligations in Central America
by Bärbel Epp
The almost 9 million inhabitants of Mexico City make it one of the ten most populated cities worldwide. The city's government made it mandatory for new and totally refurbished facilities, (using hot water domestically, in kitchens, for washing and cleaning), to cover at least
30% of their hot water demand through solar technology. This is a ground-breaking achievement sets an example for many other major cities. 

denmarkLarge-Scale Solar District Heating in Denmark
by Bärbel Epp
802 collectors mounted in only three months: The inauguration of the latest solar district heating system by the Danish collector manufacturer Arcon Solvarme took place in the town of Gram in the region Syddanmark in June this year.  
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IndiaIndia: Cross Checking the Size of the Solar Thermal Market
by Jaideep Malaviya  
The solar thermal market in India could do better than it has done so far. Everybody agrees on that, but the size of the annual market remains unclear. Jaideep Malaviya, member of the editorial team of and based in Pune, India, was not satisfied with the current vagueness of numbers. He questioned the glass and coating suppliers and could confirm a market size of 400,000 m2 in the Indian fiscal year April 2008 to March 2009.
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baxiBaxi Group: US$ 3 million for New Collector Production in Turkey
by Bärbel Epp 
canada_HBX2009 marks the big year of solar investments for the British Baxi Group. It was at the end of June, when its Turkish subsidiary Baymak inaugurated a new absorber and collector manufacturing unit in Istanbul. The next inauguration of a collector manufacturing line at the Spanish Baxi plant in Fabrigas is scheduled for December - just half a year later.
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australiaAustralia: AUD 500 for a Solar Water Heater in Queensland
by Hanna Schober
The Queensland Renewable Energy Plan, which was published at the end of June, is a holistic approach to using renewable energy. The Queensland Solar Hot Water Program started at the 1st July 2009 and aims to install up to 200,000 solar or heat pump hot water systems within three years.
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