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Dear Solar Thermal Expert,
We would like to introduce to you a special feature of that you may not have used so far:
the Global Solar Thermal Directory. 
The Global Solar Thermal Directory is a searchable database of companies, public bodies, certification, finance and research institutes.
This email provides you with the first overview of the Directory on; the web community for Solar Thermal Professionals.
The Editorial Team 
Go to DirectoryEventsUsing the Global Solar Thermal Directory
The structure of the Directory is based on a searchable database, an interactive Google Map and advertising space for those listed.
The database is searchable according to geographic location and type of business being undertaken.
Navigation - Filtering
A visitor can either view all the listings on the Directory homepage, or according to five categories:
- Supply Chain Directory (solar thermal companies)
These categories are designed to narrow the focus of the Directory according to the visitor's requirements.
Please see this video for more on Filtering, or click on the links above to see a filtered search.
Navigation - Searching
Another possibility offered to visitors is to search by company name, location and type of business, or to zoom in directly in the interactive Google Map, by double clicking.
All members listed in the Global Solar Thermal Directory are easly found with the help of these search tools.
benefitsBenefits of being listed in the Global Solar Thermal Directory 

The Google Map feature allows visitors to locate your business down to street level. Besides, it provides detailed information on your company, like your contact details, logo, website address, summary of activities, mission, objectives, turnover and other relevant information that will improve the visibility of your company or organisation.
The Global Solar Thermal Directory allows you to advertise your company or organisation, and your services events globally. Flash banners can also be used increase your campaign's visibility.
Find New Partners
Being searchable, you may even find new partnerships. With such prominence, you can broaden your worldwide network or get closer to your local community. 
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