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April 2009
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Solar water heaters reduce the burden of electricity load. Hence, governments all around the world implement policies to push the solar thermal market. You find promising examples from India and Southern Africa below.
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DelhiDelhi: Solar Water Heaters Save Electricity 
by Jaideep Malaviya
The estimated total electrical load of the city of Delhi for heating and cooling amounts to 3.6 GW. The city government is convinced that solar water heaters will play a crucial role in reducing the peak load. This is why the administration implemented two measures: a solar bye-law and an incentive programme.
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factoryCollector Factory: All-in-One Solution
by Joachim Berner
It is new ground for the solar thermal industry: tailor-made fully automated collector factories. The first automation specialists assist the collector manufacturers in designing production units with an optimum workflow. 
EventsMay in Europe: Four Solar Thermal Events
by Bärbel Epp
There are a lot of places in Europe during the month of May where you can listen to highly regarded solar thermal speakers. Four solar thermal conferences will then take place in three different countries: Germany, Italy and Poland.
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ChinaFair Season in China: Three Major Trends
by Sven Tetzlaff 
Spring time in China: Almost no week goes by without a regional trade fair to focus on the domestic solar thermal market. Paying a visit to these fairs will give you an outlook on the technology trends of China's giant solar thermal industry. One of them are full-glass heat pipe vacuum tubes (see photo).
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USA50 % Growth and Other Achievements in the USA 
by Bärbel Epp 

The US solar heating and cooling market has grown by 50 % last year. The state with the biggest share is still Hawaii. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) the number of domestic solar water heating systems in the USA amounts to 25,000 to 30,000 systems, of which approximately 12 % provide space heating as well as hot water.
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