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Dear Solar Thermal Expert,
We would like to introduce to you two special features of that you may not have used so far:
Calendar of Events and RSS Feeds. 
The Calendar of Events feature lists the major events taking place across the world that affect the Solar Thermal Industry.
RSS Feeds keep you fully up-to-date on any of the topics that might be of special interest to you on the website.
We value your feedback on the website and would appreciate your input to make the web community for Solar Thermal Professionals.
The Editorial Team 
EventsCalendar of events 
By scrolling over the News & Events button on the Menu Bar a drop-down menu appears. By selecting Calendar of events you are taken to the list of Events specifically focused on Solar Thermal throughout the world.
By clicking on the title of the event, you can access more information on the event, including links to the event site itself.
Click link on the right to go straight to the page.
RSSUsing RSS Feeds
What are RSS Feeds?
RSS Feeds allow you to see, in chronological order, a list of information that has been uploaded to a website.
What's special about RSS Feeds on
RSS Feeds on our website are available on each page. Therefore if you use the Filter (on the left of the homepage) you can choose to receive only information tagged Europe and Solar Cooling, then click the RSS Feed button and subscribe. This brings you the latest information on the topics that matter to you.
How do I access these RSS Feeds?
If you have one of the lastest web browsers (such as Internet Explorer 7) you will see the orange RSS logo on your browser's menu bar. For each website you visit this logo goes grey if feeds are not available, and orange if feeds are available. If you click the logo when it is orange you will see a Feed Page which lists the uploaded stories in chronological order and has a yellow box at the top.
How do I check for new Feeds?
There are two ways to check for new Feeds. For both, you will need to click on the RSS logo when it is orange to see the Feed Page first. 
Using your Browser
Once on the Feed Page, you can click on the "Subscribe to this Feed" link and can then choose to display the Feed in your Browser's Feed window (next to My Favourites) on the left of the browser.
Using Outlook 2007
In Outlook 2007, you can see a RSS Feeds section beneath a list of folders on the left that includes your regular email Inbox. By right-clicking on the RSS Feeds folder, then left-clicking on Add a New RSS Feed. Copy in the address of the RSS Feed page (as mentioned above), then click Add. Outlook then creates a folder under the RSS Feeds section and adds the Feeds to the folder in the same way emails enter your Inbox.
Next Steps?
Click on the RSS Logo (above) to subscribe now to the Feed of the homepage of