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Social Security's Fast Track Disability Processes Gets Even Faster
Virginia Hospital Offers Free Knee or Hip Surgery
Museum of Disability History Now Open
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Issue: # 28November 2010
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Welcome to the twenty-eighth edition of our newsletter.

These monthly newsletters are designed to show you how not to gamble with your or your patients/clients Social Security Disability and/or SSI benefits.  We also provide you with information on Special Needs Planning.

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Social Security's Fast Track Disability Processes Gets Even Faster

New Rules Will Further Speed Benefits to Tens of Thousands of Americans with Disabilities


Social Security  has published final rules that will further reduce the time it takes to decide applications for disability benefits for those persons with the most severe disabilities---a process that currently takes less than two weeks on average.


The new rules allow disability examiners to make fully favorable determinations for adult cases under the agency's Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL) processes without medical or psychological consultant approval. It also will help the agency process cases more efficiently as it will give medical and psychological consultants more time to work on complex cases where their expertise is most needed.


Under Social Security's QDD process, a predictive computer model analyzes specific data within the electronic disability file to identify cases where there is a high likelihood that the claimant is disabled and can quickly obtain medical evidence. The CAL process currently identifies 88 specific diseases and conditions that clearly qualify for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability benefits and can be fast-tracked.


The final rules, 20 CFR Parts 404 and 416, can be accessed through the Federal Register online at These rules became effective on November 12, 2010.


Additional information about Social Security's Compassionate Allowances process is available at

Virginia Hospital Offers Free Knee or Hip Surgery

INOVA Mount Vernon Hospital 

On November 20, 2010, INOVA Mount Vernon Hospital will host an Operation Walk surgical event in Virginia.

As part of this event INOVA Mount Vernon Hospital will be providing free hip or knee surgery to anyone without health insurance living in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Call Genéa M. Luck at 703-664-7193 or Julie Warner at 703-664-7018 if you know anyone who does not have health insurance and they can benefit from a hip or knee replacement surgery.

Operation Walk provides everything for free (including all post-operative medical care, education, and rehabilitation).

To learn more about this operation walk event and others around the country, go to

Museum of Disability History Now Open

Logo of Museum of Disability History 

The Museum of disABILITY History is dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of artifacts pertaining to the history of people with disabilities. Located in Buffalo, New York, and on the Web, the Museum offers educational exhibits and activities that expand community awareness.

This Museum was founded as a project of People Inc. and is chartered by the New York State Department of Education Board of Regents.  Its goal is to advance the understanding, acceptance and independence of people with disabilities.


The Museum is located at 3826 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14226 and is open Monday-Friday, 10:00AM - 4:00PM, or by appointment. The Museum is closed on holidays. Admission is Free.


For more information on the Museum of disABILITY History please visit

Press Release:  Sheri Abrams' New Book "Don't Gamble With Your Social Security Disability Benefits--What Every Virginia Resident Needs To Know To Win A Social Security Disability Case" Is Now Available!
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