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Medicare Premium to Remain Unchanged in 2009
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Issue: # 3 October 2008 
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Welcome to the third edition of Social Security Disability News.  In these monthly newsletters we will be providing you with the information you need so you don't gamble with your or your clients/patients Social Security Disability Benefits. 
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You can fill out an application for Social Security Disability benefits at the local Social Security office nearest to your home, online, or by telephone.   The address and telephone number of your local Social Security office can be obtained by calling 1-800-772-1213.   When applying you should be prepared to give Social Security a list with the names, addresses and phone numbers of all the doctors, hospitals or clinics who have treated you for your condition.   You should also bring a list of where you have worked in the past 15 years.

You will also need to provide Social Security with an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, your last earnings documents (W-2, last pay stub, statement of your employer, etc.) and copies (keep the originals) of any medical records you may be able to obtain.

Please note, however, that you should not delay filing for benefits if all documents are not immediately available.

For more information on Social Security Disability and SSI benefits please read on.

When you become entitled to twenty-four (24) months of Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to Medicare at a cost of $96.40 a month.

For the first time in eight years, Medicare's monthly premium will remain unchanged for most of the program's 44 million beneficiaries. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the Part B premium will remain at its 2008 level of $96.40 for 2009 for individuals earning $85,000 or less or couples earning $170,000 or less. The premium will go up for higher earners (see list below).
The Part B deductible will remain at its 2008 level as well. The monthly premium paid by beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Part B covers a portion of the cost of physicians' services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other items.

This is only the sixth time since Medicare was created in 1965 that the Part B premium stayed the same for two consecutive years.  The premium will hold steady in part because Medicare's reserves have increased, however, monthly rates are likely to go up in 2010 as health costs continue to rise.

While the Part B premium and deductible will not rise, other Medicare deductibles and co-payments will. Here are all the new Medicare figures for 2009:

Basic Part B premium: $96.40/month (unchanged) Part B deductible: $135 (unchanged) Part A deductible: $1,068 (was $1,024) Co-payment for hospital stay days 61-90: $267/day (was $256) Co-payment for hospital stay days 91 and beyond: $534/day (was $512) Skilled nursing facility co-payment, days 21-100: $133.50/day (was $128) . 

As directed by the 2003 Medicare law, higher-income beneficiaries will pay higher Part B premiums. About 5 percent of current Part B enrollees are expected to be subject to the higher premium amounts.
Following are those amounts for 2009:

Individuals with annual incomes between $85,000 and $107,000 and married couples with annual incomes between $170,000 and $214,000 in 2009 will pay a monthly premium of $134.90.
Individuals with annual incomes between $107,000 and $160,000 and married couples with annual incomes between $214,000 and $320,000 in 2009 will pay a monthly premium of $192.70.
Individuals with annual incomes between $160,000 and $213,000 and married couples with annual incomes between $320,000 and $426,000 in 2009 will pay a monthly premium of $250.50.
Individuals with annual incomes of $213,000 or more and married couples with annual incomes of $426,000 or more in 2009 will pay a monthly premium of $308.30.
Rates differ for beneficiaries who are married but file a separate tax return from their spouse:   Those with incomes between $85,000 and $128,000 will pay a monthly premium of $250.50. Those with incomes greater than $128,000 will pay a monthly premium of $308.30.  

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