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January 7, 2011

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Grassfed Beef Update
Poultry Inventory Reduction Sale!
Pork is Back!
Pet Food Ingredients
Support Restaurants That Support Local and Organic!
Chef Benny of Shazz.

Did you know we sell to local, independent restaurants in your area?  These owners and chefs are are committed to serving only the best produce (during the season), eggs and meats to their customers. 

Here are few restaurants that serve our proteins and eggs on their menus right now!  Each name has a clickable link to their site.  Patronize them and thank them for paying a little more to support local farms and organic, pastured practices!





Mercury Cafe

Lovely Confections


Pizzeria Basta

Fort Collins

Cafe Vino


Colorado Springs

Adam's Mtn Cafe

Beef Update
We have it!

Individual packs of beef have been updated to reflect our new beef inventory from Park Creek Farms.  David Bridges, along with his wife Evelyn, began Park Creek Farms in 2010, a small-scale grassfed beef operation in Wellington.  The range is Certified Organic and David has great knowledge about rasing grassfed beef. 

Apparently, throughout the US the demand for grassfed beef is exceeding the supply, so we are excited to have more of this wonderful beef available.   

Next year, both ranches are planning to ramp up their operations and will raise more beef.  That's the CSA model in action!
Can Anyone Order Meat? Yes! 

You don't have to have any other shares to purchase our pastured, organic meats.  Just create a profile if you are a new customer or use your current one to add any of our meat items to your "cart" and checkout. Click here to begin shopping.
1020 WCR 72
Wellington, CO 80549
CSA Members and Friends of the Farm,  

Today may be sunny, but this last week was cold and windy.  On those winter days I often find myself thinking about the animals on our farm braving the elements while I drink hot tea and sit in a warm office.  I am pretty sure they don't love the sub-zero temperatures or the wind, but they seem to just go about their business as normal; eggs are still laid and pigs still fatten up.  I love sneaking out of the office to bring the pigs a box of apples - they just go crazy in excitement! I marvel at Mother Nature and how these animals are happy just being chickens or pigs, even when times get tough, a good lesson for all of us.

While a few pigs and ducks remain on the farm, most of our animal production is now in the freezer and we would love your help to turn our inventory into cash to then put into the 2011 growing season.  We have plans for pasturing 100 lambs since it was so popular and we didn't have nearly enough and I have already been on the phone with Wendi Lankister about this coming season's grass-fed beef.  Bar Double L will definitely up their production for us.  See our winter poultry promotion below and enjoy a chicken, duck, goose or guinea for dinner.
Here's to eating better for ourselves and the planet!

Sari Schauer
CSA Meat Coordinator
Winter Poultry Promotion
Help us reduce inventory and enjoy a great meal (or two, or four)!
Everything Must Go!
We have a lot of poultry inventory that we need your help to bring down this winter so we can plan for 2011! 

For each poutlry purchase online you will also receive a special extra.  Order any chicken pack and recieve two stew hens that are great for making soups and stocks.   When you purchase a goose you will receive a Muscovy duck and duck purchases also come with a bonus gift!

You can order order these poultry items online at under "shop" to arrive next week.  You can also order any of these items for a winter season delivery. 
Pork is Back!
Fulfill all of your bacon needs 

BaconThose of you who have enjoyed our pastured, organically-raised pork may have noticed that we are out quite a few items.  We really got down to the bottom of the barrell with our inventory - which means you must really love it!  Our new batch of pork arrives today, so if you have been having bacon and brat withdrawals your wait is over.  

This batch of pork promises to be extra special as the pigs were fed lots of apples and fall veggies as well as our pea and barley mix grown and harvested right her on the farm.

You can order halves and wholes or pork by cuts on the website at under "shop" and then "meat".
Raw Pet Food Ingredients
because pets deserve great food too 
Dog at table
Over the last few months I have received an increasing amount of emails and phone calls asking about sourcing raw animal products from the farm for making pet food.  I am still learning more about this, but making raw pet food from is definately growing in popularity.  In response to this demand, I have created a Pet Food Ingredient tab under the meat section.  We have lots of bones and some organ meats packed in bulk; however, we do not do any processing beyond this (ie: ground).  So, your search for pastured, organically-raised meat for your pet food is over.  Just add on any of the products to your regular CSA delivery to be picked up on the same delivery day.  Visit under "shop" to place any meat order.
Signing off from the Barnyard

Thank you for your support of our farm.  If you have any comments or questions about our meat or eggs or if you would like to be removed from future meat emails, please email me at