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In This Issue:
· Kennedy Center Workshop in D.C.
· Drum, Dance & Sing at Boston Symphony Hall
· Empowering Youth Through Music at ZUMIX
· Summer Study Abroad in Ghana, West Africa
· Featured Blog Post: Bieber v. Esperanza

Kennedy Center Workshop in D.C. 

The Kennedy CenterOnly a few spots left for the ThisWorldMusic African drumming workshop at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. on April 26th.  Sign up today!

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Drum, Dance & Sing at Symphony Hall  

Jeremy Cohen & Nani Agbeli

Join TWM Founder Jeremy Cohen and renowned Ghanaian master dancer Nani Agbeli for their annual workshop for educators.  In partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra:  


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Empowering Youth Through Music at ZUMIX 

African Drumming at ZUMIX The spring term at ZUMIX has officially begun!  Spend a week with the African Drumming ensemble as we prepare for our winter concert.  These kids will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!

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Summer Study Abroad in Ghana, West Africa  UMass in Ghana

Last chance to sign up! Study drumming, dancing & singing this summer in Ghana and earn 6 credits in 3 weeks through UMass Amherst.  Tour rainforests, beaches and cultural heritage sites:

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Featured Blog Post: Bieber v. Esperanza

Esperanza SpaldingWhen Esperanza Spalding took home Best New Artist at last week's Grammy's, "Beliebers" wept while musicians rejoiced.  But is the dichotomy between them false? Read my analysis here:


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