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"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
~ Helen Keller


January 2012
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Hello , 

choose joyA Joyous 2012 to you!


In my final blog post for the year, I shared the way in which I have been able to find light in the middle of darkness, peace in the midst of chaos, and happiness during seemingly not so happy times.


I choose joy.


And I have made it my personal 2012 resolution to remind you all year long that joy is waiting for you.


We choose joy every day at Get In Touch - knowing that Daisy Wheels have already reached hundreds of thousands of girls in 47 states and 20 countries, as well as girls in 54 countries who have downloaded our free App. 


Plenty of reasons to be joyous!


It is that very joy that fuels us with the energy we need to continue to promote this very important educational initiative across the globe.


GIT on the JOY train with us...tell the school nurse at your daughter's, granddaughter's, niece's, neighbor's or hometown school about our Get In Touch Girls' Program.


Make a difference in a girl's life...know that you have helped to educate her with lifesaving information...and I can assure you, joy will be waiting for you!


Hope Lives!

  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
President, CEO & Founder, 
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist  

Spotlight on Schools


Being on leave for a bilateral mastectomy hasn't slowed down school nurse, Valerie Wright.  Texas's McKinney Boyd HS girls' volleyball team held a "Dig Pink" volleyball game to honor her and celebrate the completion of her chemo just a few weeks prior to the event, and to benefit GIT.   


Valerie joined the GIT family recently because she believes our Girls Program is such an important component of teaching girls about breast health.  She said "I want to bring this message to my campus with the nurse that is covering for me during my leave.  I actually want to bring it to our whole district, McKinney ISD."  


Jan2012-VWrightValerie handed out Daisy Wheels and gave a brief talk before the game with the nurse covering for her along with Valerie's assistant. She also arranged to speak to parents at the "principal's coffee" the morning after the game!  (That's Valerie and her husband/son healing team on the left.)  Now post-op and chemo, Valerie says she's "feeling good and getting more energy back."  We're so grateful for her increasing strength and her being such an avid fan of GIT, too.  Thanks, Valerie!

Only THREE More to Go! 

USA 47



Calling all school nurses in HAWAII, NORTH DAKOTA, and OREGON...  


We're in 47 states - but NOT YOURS!   


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Norway, Slovenia and Brunei, Oh MY!
earth and hands
The Get in Touch Daisy Wheel app has now been downloaded in 53 countries!  Folks from Norway, Slovenia, Armenia and Brunei joined the GIT family in December and we're thrilled that our mission and message are spreading worldwide.  
How cool is that?!
Easton Middle School Goes Pink

Kids at Easton, PA's middle school held a fundraiser for us recently, selling lanyards, Laces for Lana and t-shirts, too.  Thanks to their efforts, GIT's got $2,000 more to get Daisy Wheels in the hands of many girls!

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8 Ideas for Hosting a "GIT Your Pink On!" Event                


Our National Events Coordinator, Tracey Saab, thought of eight great ways to help raise funds for GIT:


Jan2012-81.  Sell pink frosted cupcakes at a school event.  

2.  Dedicate a sports team's game to GIT and sell pink t-shirts.  

3.  Host a Little Pink Dress party and ask for donations.

4.  Organize a 5k fundraiser walk and give participants pink socks. 

5.  Host a pink jewelry making party.  

6.  Bet your friends that you're daring enough to dye your hair pink!  (Use temporary hot pink hair dye and bet 'em each a buck.)

7.  Ask your wedding guests to wear pink on your special day.  Give pink Jordan almonds as favors, and make a donation on behalf of the happy couple.

8.  Have your sports team wear the oh-so-pink Laces for Lana and sell the Laces to fans.


If you'd like to run an event and want some help getting started, contact Tracey: She's got lots more ideas! 

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We are over the moon about the Daisy Wheel© App!  If you're an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone user, go to the iTunes App Store and download it for free.  If you love it as much as we do, we'd be grateful if you'd help us spread the word by telling your friends and writing a review, too.  It's been downloaded in 54 countries, so far, making our mission to "change the world one girl at a time" a global reality! 


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