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"Your feet will bring you to where your heart is."
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July 2011
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Hello ,

My moniker for the last 7+ years has always included "Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor," and as I step into the ring with breast cancer, once again, I look down at my feet and see it all...where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going...and it makes me smile to think of all the places my "dogs" have been with me!


I now have four (weekly) chemotherapy treatments under my belt and want you to know I walk into each treatment carrying your love with me - all while sporting snazzy footwear on the same feet that carried me into my first day of Kindergarten, my first day at the police academy, my first day as a mother, and now all of my "first days" of life with a breast cancer recurrence. 

 Chemo Shoes 1  Chemo Shoes 3  July2011-Chemo Shoes 3  July2011-Chemo Shoes 4 

And so, take a moment to look down at your own feet with a renewed sense of appreciation. Whether they're in peep-toe-pumps or steel-toe-boots, they've taken you to all the places life has brought good to your "dogs" and dress them well!

Hope Lives!
  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
President, CEO & Founder, 
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist 

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Spotlight on Schools

The Swain School in Allentown, PA has been GITin' a big dose of our attention, lately!  National Events Coordinator Tracey Saab recently met with 5th and 8th grade girls to talk about our Girls Program and the importance of breast health.  

Two girls said they were scared to do the exam because they "don't want to find anything."  Tracey assured them their anxieties are completely normal, but we can't let fear run our lives or we'll miss out on many opportunities. Breast self exam is just that- an opportunity to be healthy, to establish a healthy routine just like brushing your teeth and exercise. We aren't searching for cavities when we brush; we brush to have healthy teeth.  And, we do self-exams to know our healthy breast tissue. Amen, Tracey! 


      July2011-LacesinHair     July2011-SwainLaces    July2011-SwainGIT 

"Vespanomics" Hits the Lehigh Valley  

How cool is this?!  Eurosports and Valley Social Magazine are partnering to host an amazing fundraiser.  From July 15 - October 15, various Lehigh Valley, PA retailers will sell $15 raffle tickets for a chance to win one of 10 Vespa LX 150 Limited Edition motor scooters.  Not only are they pink, but the Vespas are emblazoned with the Get in Touch logo!   The retailers will hold "GIT Your Pink On!" Days as part of the prize drawings (after October 15), and they've pledged to raise $10,000 for GIT! 
To buy a ticket and help them meet their pledge, click here for a list of retailers.  Good luck! 

Beautiful Dresses Help Beautiful Girls        


July2011-VictoriaNicole1 Not only are their gowns gorgeous, but Victoria Nicole Bridal Couture is passionate about helping women be strong and confident as well as beautiful, and not only on their wedding day.  


Victoria Nicole now includes a special card and Daisy Wheel with each bridal gown sold, informing the bride that a donation will be made to GIT in her name or in the name of a loved one.  Check out this beautiful video to hear from Mary Ann and Victoria!


Pink Power Super Mom "Mother of Invention" Press Event

Kids II President, Ryan Gunnigle, along with Miles Bohannan, Vice-President of Marketing for Kids II, joined Marcia Cross in presenting me with a check for $20,000 made out to The Get In Touch Foundation. That's a lot of Daisy Wheels!


After the check presentation, we joined the press corps on the rooftop penthouse and nibbled on goodies, including "Pretty In Pink" mini-cupcakes and pink prosecco, all with a magnificent view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bright Starts with 20k check

We'll be sharing more in the coming days about my new friend, Marcia Cross, and the role this mother of twin four-year old daughters will be playing with Get In Touch...we are sooo excited to have her on board with our important mission of "changing the world one girl at a time!"


Remember...if you're shopping for a brand new baby girl in your life, be sure to check out the "Pretty In Pink" line by Bright Starts, which proudly supports the Pink Power Mom program!   It's just the beginning for Get In Touch, friends...just the beginning!

~ Upcoming Events ~

July 2011:

Children's Benefit Horse Show - Dream Arena, Gloucester, NJ - 7/23


July - October 2011:

Eurosports Pink Vespa Fundraisers - Various Lehigh Valley Locations  


October 2011:

7th Annual Pretty In Pink Brunch - Great River Golf Club, Milford, CT - 10/9 


Little Pink Dress Party - Melt Restaurant, Center Valley, PA - 10/13 

The perfect time to revisit...8 things you should NOT say to someone with breast cancer    


1.  How bad is it?  WHY?  Um...well, for obvious reasons. Jul2011Newsletter-8


2.  Never leave an e-mail, voice message or text asking questions....ANY questions.  WHY?  Because...yours is probably not the only one that day, and it is just too exhausting (emotionally and physically) to answer everyone - no matter how much we would like to, and no matter how much we appreciate your concern.


3.  Never tell them what YOU want to do to help them.  WHY?  Trust me, what YOU need to do to feel better is probably not what your friend needs to feel better.


4.  What's your prognosis?  WHY?  Sheesh.  Let's try this instead..."what's your protocol?"  Much easier to answer, especially if your friend is too unsure, frightened, unprepared (or all of the above) to discuss what the possible outcome of her cancer might be.

5.  At least you caught it early.  WHY?  Because your idea of early might not be her oncologist's idea of early.

6.  At least it's only breast cancer - it could be worse.  WHY?  Okay, I need to explain this one?

7.  PLEASE don't ever tell us about someone you know who died from breast cancer.  WHY?  Again, for obvious reasons...but, only scares us more than you could ever know - and we know that's not what you want to do.

8.  This too shall pass...there's life after breast cancer.  WHY?  Well, for one, there's life right in the middle of breast cancer; and it just may not pass for anyone dealing with a late-stage-diagnosis. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is...words matter...please choose yours carefully.
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