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"Women need to know their bodies better than their mothers ever did, or their grandmothers would ever approve of."
      ~ Mary Ann Wasil Nilan   


June 2011
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Hello ,

I'm excited to be speaking later this month at the National Association of School Nurses Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC, where thousands of school nurses gather for a week of professional development and friendship!   


I'll be speaking with my friend and breast cancer survivor-sister, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (pictured above) about the importance of "getting in touch" with our bodies - for life! 


School nurses are our heroes, and we are honored to be able to provide them with a tool - our Daisy Wheels - to assist them in the wonderful work they do in ministering to our most precious gift - our children.


See you "on the Hill!"  

Hope Lives!
  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
President, CEO & Founder, 
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist 

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~ Upcoming Events ~   

June 2011:  

Jun2011Newsletter-BeadsBead for Life Party at Village Vogue Boutique, Milford, CT - 6/1- 5-9pm

We're teaming up with Village Vogue again this year to make a difference in the lives of Ugandan women.  Bead for Life is a 501 (c) 3 organization that assists Ugandan women in making jewelry and bringing it to market, paying them a fair price for their crafts.  Gorgeous bracelets, earrings & necklaces handmade from colorful recycled paper will be for sale from $5-30.   We are proud to help them in their mission to "change the world one bead at a time!"  Call 203-283-9400 for more info.


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Mary Ann presents "Get In Touch with Breast Health - For Life!" at the National Association of School Nurses Conference - Washington, D.C.   



Bright Starts Pink Power Moms Media Event, New York City - 6/14

Mary Ann will be there, along with actress Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives, who will be the featured speaker.   

Spotlight on Schools - Welcome, Florida! 

Jun2011Newsletter-MAwithMickey2We're so excited that the Ransom Middle School has joined the GIT family, not only because they've made a commitment to educate girls about the importance of breast health, but because they're in FLORIDA - the 43rd state to Get In Touch!  Maybe it had something to do with my spending time with Mickey and Minnie recently...Disney magic?    

GITin' Their Pink On! 

Our friends at the American Cooperative School of Tunis put a new twist on the GIT Your Pink On! Day format:  They invited mothers to attend a presentation about breast health awareness and the importance of breast self exams along with their daughters.  And, they sold pink tee shirts to raise funds for GIT.  I was honored to speak to the gals of all ages via Skype!   A special thanks to Susan Driss for coordinating the event with us (that's her on the far left, below). 



News from The Board      


We're happy to welcome Jorge Santiago as our new Treasurer.  A Senior Vice President at Milford Bank, Jorge is charged with leading the bank's strategic direction within its branch network.  When he's not at work, Jorge volunteers as President of Milford's Boys & Girls Club, is on the Stratford Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, and is an Instructor with the Center for Financial Training.  A father of two, he's active in his children's activities as well.  We're looking forward to his guidance and leadership in all things financial! 

8 Reasons to Get In Touch With Your Body

  1. Jun2011Newsletter-8"Your body is the piece of the universe you've been given." - Geneen Roth
  2. "When we are nourished, we know who we are." - Hale Sofia Schatz
  3. "You know you have spots of your fine self that you just adore." - Regena Thomashauer
  4. "When you practice kindness for yourself, you're practicing it for everyone..." - Ronna Kabatznick
  5. "Listening to your body and honoring its signals is one of the true forms of self-love." - Brooke Castillo
  6. "I believe that your body knows a lot more than your mind about the life you're supposed to live." - Martha Beck
  7. "It's time to celebrate you: unique, wonderful you.  Do that each and every day." - Graciela Meibar
  8. "Love yourself and you can heal your life." - Louise Hay 
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