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"Tell me, what is it you plan
to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~ Mary Oliver, Poet


May 2011
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one wild and precious life

Hello ,

As we celebrate Mother's Day this month, take a few moments to think about your own mother and what she has always wanted for and happiness...really, what else is there?


You can honor your mother every month by finding the time to "get in touch" with your body, and encourage other gals in your life to do the same.


After all, your life is wild and precious, and you want to be healthy enough to enjoy every minute of the happiness your mother dreamed you'd have!


So...while you ponder the question posed by the great poet, Mary Oliver, be sure to include "getting in touch" with your body to the top of your list.

Hope Lives!
  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
Executive Director & Founder, 
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist 
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we are in 42 states - but NOT YOURS! 

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~ Upcoming Events ~   

June 2011:  

Mary Ann presents "Get In Touch with Breast Health - For Life!" at the National Association of School Nurses Conference - Washington, D.C.  


ADP Golf Tournament to benefit GIT - Locust Valley Golf Club, Allentown, PA - 6/25  


October 2011:

7th Annual Pretty in Pink Brunch - Great River Golf Club, Milford, CT - 10/9 


Little Pink Dress Party - Melt Restaurant, Center Valley, PA - 10/13 

Spotlight on Schools

We're excited to have welcomed many schools to the GIT family in 2011! 

Here are just a few of them: 

Dresden High School,  Dresden, TN

Camelot Elementary, Chesapeake, VA

Upper Valley JVS, Piqua, OH

Bethlehem Area School District, Bethlehem, PA

Yuma Elementary District One, Yuma, AZ

Simon Kenton High School, Independence, KY

West Valley School District, Yakima, WA

Caywood Elementary, Edgewood, KY 

Last Month: Asia, This Month: Africa!    

Last month, we were thrilled to ship Daisy Wheels to Malaysia and Thailand.  Now, as you read this, Daisy Wheels are on their way to North Africa !


I'm excited to be speaking at the American Cooperative School of Tunis Conference this month. I'll be video-conferencing in on this one, friends...the political unrest makes it safer to do it this way...for now.   


Harvard Looks "Pretty in Pink!" 


On April 30, Harvard's Graduate School of Education hosted their first annual "Pretty in Pink" event to raise funds for GIT.  50 people from all over the U.S. and abroad attended the event.  The Woman of Strength Award went to survivor Valerie Fedun, who reminded listeners to take charge of their lives.  The Healing Team Speaker was Dr. John Erban, Clinical Director and Associate Director for Clinical Science of Boston's Tufts Cancer Center.  Dr. Erban thanked GIT for "having the foresight to develop this world changing education."  You're welcome, Dr. Erban!

May2011-Harvard3     May2011-Harvard4     May2011-Harvard5   

Pink Power Super Mom   


May2o11-PinkPowerMomI was honored to receive the Bright Starts Pink Power Super Mom award last fall, and am delighted to see the exposure GIT is getting on the Pink Power Mom website.  Check it out here!   If you know a woman who has persevered through her battle with breast cancer and continues to be a role model to her family and community, consider nominating her for next year's award.  To learn more, click here.    


  Yum, Sugar Babe!    

Thanks to Angela Malpedo, GIT fan and owner of Sugar Babe, for being such a supporter of our work!  Every "Pretty in Pink" cupcake sold brings donations for GIT.  (You might recall the gorgeous cupcakes from our Lehigh Valley Pretty in Pink Brunch in February, below.  That's Angela on the right).  If you're passing through Bethlehem, PA, be sure to check them out - you won't regret it!

Mar2011Newsletter-PIPCupcakes   May2011-Angela
Daisy Wheel©

8  Steps - The Daisy Wheel    


Here's what our Daisy Wheel teaches girls in grades 5 - 12, but we think gals of all ages can always use a reminder:

  1. Breast Self Exam - Think of your breast as a Daisy.
  2. Look at your breasts in the mirror - hands on hips - tighten your chest.  Anything weird?  Discharge, puckering, dimpling?
  3. Lying down, firmly press 3 fingers on your breast in a circular motion.  Examine each petal.
  4. Apply 3 different levels of pressure - light, medium, firm - with your finger pads to check your breast tissue.
  5. Use each pressure level (L,M,F) on each "petal" before moving to the next.
  6. Start by your armpit and move down to just below your breast, using the same circular motion in an up & down pattern, covering your whole breast.  Repeat on other breast.
  7. Sitting or standing - raise your arm slightly and use the same circular motions with your finger pads to examine your underarm.  (Standing in the shower is a great place to do this!)
  8. Did you see or feel something that worries you?  Don't be embarrassed - tell your mom, dad, sister, grandma, school nurse, teacher, your BFF!  Talk about it - GET IN TOUCH! 
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