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When you learn, teach."
~ Maya Angelou's grandmother


April 2011
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Hello ,

Here at Get In Touch, we like to say that we are "changing the world one girl at a time!" 

We started in a small town in Connecticut, spread quickly across the United States, and at last count, are in a total of 16 countries - that's 4 continents - on this great and glorious globe!

I just returned from Malaysia, where I was the keynote speaker at last month's International School Nurses of Asia Conference.

School nurses from 12 countries in Asia were in attendance, and in our short and passionate time together, we learned we are more alike than we are different...we care deeply about women's health issues and know that by starting young, we really can "change the world one girl at a time."

Jumpa lagi!  (That's "see you soon" in Malay!) 

Hope Lives!
  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
Executive Director & Founder, 
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist 
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we are in 42 states - but NOT YOURS! 

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~ Upcoming Events ~   


April 2011:   

Pretty in Pink Event at Harvard University - 4/30 


June 2011:  

Mary Ann presents "Get In Touch with Breast Health - For Life!" at the National Association of School Nurses Conference - Washington, D.C.  


ADP Golf Tournament to benefit GIT - Locust Valley Golf Club, Allentown, PA - 6/25  


October 2011:

7th Annual Pretty in Pink Brunch - Great River Golf Club, Milford, CT - 10/9 


Little Pink Dress Party - Melt Restaurant, Center Valley, PA - 10/13 

group pic 2011 ISNA

We Added Another Continent! 

  I was thrilled to have been invited to be the keynote speaker at the
2011 International School Nurses of Asia Conference, held last month
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We're so excited that GIT will soon be putting
Daisy Wheels© into the hands of girls all over Asia!
Garden Int. School girlsGIS with girl

I was delighted to spend time with the girls of Garden International School  

in Kuala Lumpur.  These bright young ladies are all eager to "Get In Touch"  

with breast health, and expressed a strong desire to bring this knowledge  

home to mom to educate her, too!


 To see more pictures from the ISNA Conference and my trip to Malaysia,
please click here and visit The Get In Touch Foundation on Facebook!  

Spotlight on Schools


WindRiverWe're excited to welcome Wind River Middle & High School in Pavillion, Wyoming to the GIT family!  School nurse Chellie Stoffel rolled out the program on February 4 to 120 girls in grades 6 - 12.  Stoffel found the Daisy Wheel© to be a great tool to facilitate questions from the girls about BSE, breast development, and breast cancer.  She plans to run the Girls Program again next year, and would be happy to speak with other school nurses or health educators about her experience with the program.  If you're interested in speaking with Chellie, email us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with her. 

Want to Sponsor a "Pretty in Pink Event? 


Milford, CT in October 2010, Lehigh Valley, PA in February 2011, Harvard University in April 2011...where next?  If you're interested in hosting a Pretty in Pink event in your community to help raise awareness and funds for GIT, contact Tracey Saab.  In the meantime, watch this video and feel the love!
Get in Touch - Pretty in Pink - Lehigh Valley, PA 
Pretty in Pink - Lehigh Valley, PA

  Laces for Lana Goes Viral!  

They started out on the feet of the Yale women's rowing team, but those hot pink laces are now making their way around the university athletics circuit!  Here are a few of the colleges and universities whose teams have jumped in to support GIT through their purchases:
Amherst College     Michigan State     Colorado State     Cornell University

University of Rhode Island     Williams College (photo left, below)

    Apr2011Newsletter-WilliamsGirls Apr2011Newsletter-PinkLaces Apr2011Newsletter-WinsorBball
Not to be outdone by their college friends, Boston's Winsor High School girls' varsity basketball team has been seen sporting the laces (that's them on the right, above), and families and friends are getting in on the act, too.  That's GIT National Events Coordinator Tracey Saab's feet you see in those black sneakers.  She swears the laces are making her run faster!

We couldn't be happier about how far, and how fast, the craze is catching on.  Over $5,500 has been raised by Laces for Lana and donated to the Get In Touch Foundation.  If you know an athlete whose team could support GIT and have fun doing it, or if you want to buy some laces, check out the new page on our site.

Health Fair at My High School Alma Mater...   


I was happy to spend the day at a health fair at Saint Joseph High School in Trumbull, CT, last month.  Eileen Scully, GIT Vice President and fellow alum, joined me as we met with hundreds of students all day long - including boys - to tell them about the Get In Touch Girls' Program & Daisy Wheels, which will be rolling into Saint Joe's for implementation soon.   


We were stunned by the sheer number of students with mothers who have or had breast cancer, making our mission of breast health education more critical by the minute.  These girls are the very reason why we do what we do...for life! 

       SJHS MA and students   SJHS Eileen and students

To see more pictures from the health fair, please click here and visit The Get In Touch Foundation on Facebook.  

8 GIT College Youth Ambassadors Who Are Making a Difference  


In addition to the Fabulous Nilan Sisters, GIT's got eight more youth ambassadors spreading our message on college campuses across the country:  

Apr2011Newsletter-Leafy 8

  1. Kristine Casey - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 
  2. Victoria Craw - Oakland University, Rochester, MI  
  3. Taylor Fries - University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI  
  4. Kat Lauer - University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 
  5. Casey Lilley - Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
  6. Taylor Ritzel - Yale University, New Haven, CT 
  7. Emily Rowen - Northeastern University, Boston, MA 
  8. Mary Pat Wixted - Yale University, New Haven, CT 
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