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November 2010
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Hello ,

Thank goodness for the extra hour - October was a busy month!

Pretty In Pink Events in Connecticut and Boston...School Nurse Conferences in Williamsburg and, television and newspaper interviews...speaking engagements with sororities, high school seniors and college rowing teams!

I was privileged to be honored last month in Atlanta as one of eight "2010 Pink Power Moms" by Bright Starts/Kids II and met seven other breast cancer survivors doing incredible work in their communities!  (see pics below)

And I celebrated with Maria Shriver onstage in Long Beach, California at The Women's Conference when I received a publishing contract from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing!  (see pics below) 

I'll keep you posted - 2011 is going to be a very BIG year!

Hope Lives!
  GIT Your Gown On!
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
Executive Director & Founder,  
Breast Cancer Kickin' Survivor & Health Activist

*Calling all school nurses in COLORADO, FLORIDA, HAWAII, MISSISSIPPI, NORTH DAKOTA, OREGON, SOUTH CAROLINA, SOUTH DAKOTA and WEST VIRGINIA...we are in 41 states - but NOT YOURS!  Sign up now and join us as we "change the world one girl at a time!"

~ Upcoming Events ~

February 12, 2011
2nd Annual "Pretty In Pink" Brunch & "Woman of Strength" Award
Lehigh Valley, PA
"Here come the butterflies..."
Click here to watch the video from our 6th Annual "Pretty In Pink" Brunch & "Woman of Strength"
Award last month, honoring surgical oncologist Dr. Barbara Ward, and her mother, 
44-year breast cancer survivor
Dolores Ward.

Jan and MAJan
Jan Miller...Women's Conference Board Member, President & Founder of Dupree Miller & Associates, and now, my literary agent...introduces me to the thousands of women attendees at The Women's Conference in Long Beach, California, and surprises me by presenting me with a publishing contract from Balboa Press, a new division of Hay House Publishing!  We are joined onstage by my hero Maria Shriver, who greets me with a warm hug and her hands on my face for a great-big-sister-smooch!  I told you 2011 was going to be a BIG year!
Jan MA Maria
Click here to watch the webcast announcement from The Women's Conference, aka, the "first seven minutes of the rest of my life!"   FYI: Over one million people watched the webcast online.
These are just a few of the SCHOOLS & BUSINESSES that participated in our 2010 "GIT Your Pink On!" Day...HOPE LIVES!
 2010 Lauralton Hall girls in lobby 2010 St. Mary School 2010 Indeed 2010 Wisco Ltwt Girls  2010 Allentown ENT2010 Lauralton Hall fence2010 Wendi Hontz2010 GYPOD LMMS 2010 GYPOD allentown ent reception desk2010 GYPOD LMMS  on lawn
2010 GYPOD ADP 2010 GYPOD Tomlinson Fairfield CT
2010 GYPOD LMMS pink socks girl2010 GYPOD Vineyard Vines 
2010 GYPOD think pink tee 2010 GYPOD Jordan2010 GYPOD UNH
Lauralton Hall; St. Mary School; "indeed"; University of Wisconsin Women's Lightweight Rowing; Allentown ENT; Lower Macungie Middle School; Allentown ADP; Tomlinson Middle School;
Vineyard Vines; Jordan Casner & Co.; University of New Haven

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

 pink power mom pink carpet pic Pink Power Mom with picpink power mom pic with check
KUDOS to Bright Starts / Kids II for recognizing me, along with seven other breast cancer survivors as "2010 Pink Power Moms!"  We were honored in Atlanta and each received a $5,000 check for our charity - that's 5,000 Daisy Wheels!  Bravo, Bright Starts!

Morning Call
KUDOS to Lehigh Valley, PA's "MORNING CALL" for this wonderful newspaper article singing the praises of the Get In Touch Girls' Program & Daisy Wheel! 

  Shop Rite check presentation 2010
KUDOS to the Garafolo Family and their Shop Rite Stores in Hamden, Milford, Stratford and West Haven, CT who raised $18,000 for Get In Touch during their "GIT Campaign" in September!  These store managers are ROCK STARS!!  18,000 Daisy Wheels = 18,000 Girls!

A Positive Ripple Effect Magazine
KUDOS to "A Positive Ripple Effect Magazine" for interviewing me in their inaugural issue...(click here to check out this new digital magazine & read the article)

2010 Lauralton poster contestlauralton poster
KUDOS to Shannon Miller, a Junior at Lauralton Hall in Milford, CT, and winner of the poster contest held recently for students interested in expressing their feelings about Get In Touch.  We are thrilled that Shannon sees our mission as a "movement!"  Bravo, Shannon!

2010 MA VA Conf2010 MA VA nurse conf dinner
KUDOS to the Virginia Association of School Nurses for inviting me to be their Keynote Speaker at their Conference in Williamsburg, VA.  Here I am at dinner with some of the incredible women on the front lines of health care for the children in the great state of Virginia.

Sacred Heart Zeta Tau Alpha 2010
KUDOS to Sacred Heart University's Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (the second largest in the US) for inviting me to speak at their Breast Cancer Prayer Vigil last month...these young ladies are smart, beautiful and ready to lead the world!  Hope Lives!

  2010 Bunnell senior girls
KUDOS to the AMAZING Bunnell High School Senior Girls in Stratford, CT for welcoming me so warmly last month for a lively Q&A that knocked my socks off!  Smart and beautiful, we are in good hands with these girls getting ready to run the world!

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The 8 Pink Power Moms for 2010...
  1. Linda Blair ... mother of Brian, 24; Austin, 15; Ava, 2
  2. Tami Boehmer ... mother of Chrissy, 11
  3. Lydia Dody ... mother of Meredith, 26; Ali, 21
  4. Cindi Hart ... mother of Madison, 16
  5. Wendy McCoole ... mother of Brittany, 25; Ryan, 23; stepmother of Erienne, 26; Sean, 24
  6. Mary Ann Wasil Nilan ... mother of Betsy, 19; Mary, 18; Eddy, 16
  7. Dolly Ashton-O'Neal ... mother of Bert, 30; Camper, 28; Amy, 24
  8. Hillary Sweet ... mother of Marc, 23; Kim, 21 
pink power mom web pic


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