December 16, 2009    Extra! Love & Licks!

Pet Party

This Hot Flash is a special gift to our readers who share our love of dogs, cats, horses, birds, and beasties.  Have a happy holiday and don't forget your non-human friends this season with a little toy treat or tidbit from one of our favorite pet sites.

Biscuits by Lambchop

Dog with treats
Treeeeats!!!  One of the most important words in any pet's vocabulary, and a staple in every pet owner's household.

Biscuits by Lambchop treats are specially formulated, omitting most common canine allergens including eggs, dairy, animal protein, corn, rice, soy, nuts, and preservatives, and instead use organic bean flours, fresh fruits and local greenmarket ingredients. Our dogs LOVE Starlets with apples, cinnamon, and honey. We don't tell them it's "health food!"

Molly Mutt

Molly Mutt bed
Love is smell-blind. 

When they're clean, they smell like dogs, when they're dirty, everything they touch becomes pure pungent funkiness. 

Molly Mutt Dog Duvets are 100% cotton covers (with gussets and zippers)  that you stuff with old clothes, pillows, etc., to create a comfortable, stylish and easy-to-launder pet bed. Make the bedroom a funk-free zone without banishing your best friend just because he smells like roadkill.


Ruff Wear boots
Ruffwear gear turns your pup into an all-weather adventurer or the talk of the dog run!

The boots. The jacket. The attitude.  Grrr.

For dogs who prefer to wear only the coat they were born in, Ruffwear collars, leashes, bowls, and safety gear is designed for canines, but styled for humans with a rugged outdoor sensibility.


Pawcurious Calnedar
Pawcurious Brody 2010 "Words to Live By" Calendar

After raising close to $4,500 during the Blogathon for National Animal Awareness Week last month, San Diego vet, Dr. V, vowed to make a calendar to continue supporting shelters. It's here and it's fabulous.

Proceeds go to The Tijuana Humane Society, the poorest of all the Humane Societies.

Dr. V's escapades in veterinary medicine can be followed on her charming and informative blog Pawcurious, where she often uses Pet Doctors Barbie and Ken to illustrate moments in veterinary care.

A Dog's Blog

My Life by Buster. In lots of pictures and just enough words, Buster documents the life, licks and hysterical antics of his fabulous friends at the Chelsea Dog Run

My Life by Buster is photographed and written by his human, Elizabeth Wix.

Speaking for Spot

Spot Book
In her book, Speaking for Spot, Dr. Nancy Kay teaches people how to be effective medical advocates for their pets.

Dr. Kay, a vet herself, advises pet owners on finding the right vet, pet insurance, deciphering vaccines, second opinions, dealing with cancer, choosing specialists, and making the right decisions for our pets.

Simply Fido

Simply fido toys

We're going green and taking our best friends with us. 

Simply Fido natural organic pet toy collection is eco-friendly and whimsical.

The Water Rover

Water Rover
That ubiquitous human accessory, the water bottle, is a necessity for pets too. 

The second great thing about the Water Rover is that the human carries it; the first great thing is that your pet gets water right when he needs it.  Like in the middle of the park, hike, or long walk home.

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Speaking for SPOT


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Buster 2
My Life by Buster
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