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This is an Other Sheep e-mail invitation, June 21, 2009 


We are coming to Kathmandu, Nepal
June 28 - July 13
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Steve Parelli 80 x 120
Rev. Steve Parelli
Executive Director
Other Sheep 
Jose Ortiz 80 X 127 
Jose Ortiz
Other Sheep
The Children Are Free Suitcase
The Children Are Free:  Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships
Receive your complimentary copy 
A personal invitation:
Executive Director Rev. Steve Parelli and Coordinator Jose Ortiz of Other Sheep invite you  to arrange a personal meeting with them at Gokarna Forest Resort Kathmandu, June 4 - 9, Rajnikunja, Gokarna, Kathmandu, NEPAL
Dear Friend,
Other Sheep is a multicultural ecumenical Christian ministry that works worldwide for the full inclusion of LGBT people of faith within their respective faith traditions.  Other Sheep connects people with people and people with resources through networking and by introducing educational materials primarily from the Other Sheep websites.
Upon our meeting, we will give you a complimentary copy of the book The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships by Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley and introduce you to additional material from our websites on topics like: What is homosexuality?  What is the evangelical "ex-gay" movement?  What is the responsibility of the church and state in matters of same-sex marriage?  What is the work of Other Sheep in Latin America and East Africa?  What are the gay organizations within evangelical and mainline protestant denominations?  Christian authors, leaders and pastors who do support same-sex relationships.  And more . . .
We are a Christian gay couple in a committed relationship of 12 years.  We were married in the State of California, August 25, 2008.  We both grew up in evangelical churches and made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ at a young age.  Each graduated from a Bible college.  In addition Rev. Parelli has an MDiv and Jose, his life partner and spouse, has a Masters in Applied Psychology.  Rev. Parelli, formerly a Baptist minister, is an ordained clergy member of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC).
If you would like to arrange a meeting with us, email us at or phone Gokarna Forest Resort at 977-1-4451212 and leave a message with the front desk.
Blessings and Peace,
Steve & Jose
Rev. Stephen R. Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz
Bronx, New York City, USA
PS.  This is an open invitation.  You may forward it to whomever you wish.