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Mike Robinson

Vice President
Lloyd Jones

Mats Fogelvik

Peter Simmons

William Cowern
Stephen Smith

Nick Dudley
Lloyd Jones

Kip Dunbar
Mats Fogelvik

Mike Robinson
Peter Simmons

Don Bryan
Tai Lake
Larry Nitz
Bob Osgood
James Quinn
Sally Rice
Jay Warner
Ed Winkler
Aileen Yeh

Executive Director
Heather Gallo

Development Coordinator
Deborah Griffiths

Ka'üpülehu Site Manager
Wilds Pihanui Brawner

Ka'üpülehu Weed Control
Midge Casuga

Marketing Consultant
Lisa Maruyama

Ka'üpülehu Biological Services
Jill Wagner

Marketing Consultant
Heidi Wild

Ka'üpülehu Education and Outreach Coordinator
Yvonne Yarber-Carter

Hawaii's Woodshow™ Consultant
Marian Yasuda

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Year End Planning
Your Gift to HFI Counts

In 2003, the Hawai’i Forest Institute (HFI) was created to promote the health and productivity of Hawai'i forests through scientific research and public education.

As the year-end approaches, please consider supporting HFI’s projects by making a one time on-line donation or contributing on a monthly basis. HFI is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code and provides receipts for donations.

Your donation supports targeted projects such as:  

  • The Tommy Crabbe Scholarship Fund
  • The Hawai'i Forest Journal
  • Conservation efforts at Ka’upulehu Dryland Forest

As well as ongoing efforts to promote awareness of Hawaii’s Forests. If you would like to find out more about giving, or would like to contribute to a specific project click the link below. If you have any questions please contact HFI Administrator, Heather Gallo, hawaii.forest@hawaiiantel.net.

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Hawaii's Woodshow™ 2008
Coming Soon, Mark Your Calendars!

The Sixteenth Annual
Statewide Juried Furniture & Woodworking Show
of the Hawai'i Forest Industry Association

Thursday, November 20th through Sunday, November 23rd
Honolulu Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii

Statment of Purpose
Hawaii's Woodshow 2008, Na La`au o Hawai`i, is the annual juried woodworking show of the Hawai`i Forest Industry Association (HFIA). The Show is designed to impart public appreciation for the participating artists and the materials they use, and to promote the positive role of forests in our economy and ecology. The Show calls for the use of wood from Hawaiian-grown tree species, especially those that have been planted and brought to maturity here. It is intended to serve as a reference point for the planting of native and non-native high-value hardwoods for coming generations.

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Hawai'i Forest Journal Coming Soon
Start checking your mail box!

The Hawai'i Forest Institute (HFI) takes great satisfaction in publishing this third issue of the Hawai`i Forest Journal (HFJ), which features articles that fall within the broad theme, "Insights into Current and Future Development and Marketing of Hawaii’s Forest Products".

Steve Smith, HFI President

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Stephen E. S. Smith, to Speak at Pacific Building Trade Expo

Hawai'i Forest Institute President, Stephen E. S. Smith, Principal Forestry Management Consultants-Hawai'i, has been invited by Charles Kaneshiro, Principal of Group 70 Architects, to be a guest speaker at the Ninth Annual Pacific Building Trade Expo which begins on Thursday, October 9, 2008.

The Expo, sponsored by HONBLUE is presented in conjunction with the Honolulu Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Honolulu Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). This year, the AIA Northwest and Pacific Regional Conference will be held in conjunction with Expo bringing 300 architects from Alaska, Guam, Hong Kong, Idaho, Japan, Montana, Oregon and Washington along with our local building and design community.

Click here for more information »

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HFIA May and August Board Meetings

HFIA Board and Staff meet in May at National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kaua’i: from left: Steve Smith, Kip Dunbar, Peter Simmons, Mike Robertson, Larry Nitz, Ed Winkler, Aileen Yeh, Laurie Bryan, Heather Gallo (Executive Director), James Quinn, William Cowern, Mats Fogelvik, Sally Rice, Tai Lake, Deborah Griffiths (Development Coordinator) Don Bryan. Photos by HFIA Secretary Mats Fogelvik.

Ka'üpülehu board meeting location

Yvonne Yarber Carter at the Ka'üpülehu board meeting

The Hawai'i Forest Industry Association Board has been busy this year with meetings in several locations. Aside from the Annual General Meeting held in Honolulu in February, the Board met in May on Kaua'i Island where they were hosted at the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG). The meeting was followed by a talk and slide show titled "Biodiversity-The Fabric of Life" by Charles R. "Chipper" Wichman, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and NTBG Director and a tour of the Garden by Dr. David Burney. Mahalo to the NTBG Staff for their warm welcome and to the Kaua'i Island HFIA Directors for their volunteer efforts in organizing the event and hosting everyone.

In August, the Board met in Kailua-Kona on Hawai'i Island, followed by a site visit to the Ka'üpülehu Dryland Forest Preserve. Ka'üpülehu Site Manager, Wilds Pihanui Brawner; Education and Outreach Coordinator, Yvonne Yarber-Carter; and Biological Services Contractor, Jill Wagner spoke about recent activities and progress at the forest. Mahalo to HFIA Board, staff and contractors on Hawai'i Island, who made the Ka'üpülehu visit a great experience and to HFIA Secretary, Mats Fogelvik, for keeping a photo journal of these events.

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Featured Artist: David Reisland

As a fifth generation woodworker, sometimes I believe the need to be in the studio is in my bones. My passion for woodworking has driven a career of over thirty years and continues to fuel my creative process.

My journey to becoming the woodworker of my heritage has often been the road less traveled. I have built scores of houses, stores, banks, cabinets, boxes and custom motorcycles. I have been a union carpenter, a long haul truck driver and a helicopter mechanic. I have tanned hides and dug ditches for pipe larger than me. I have flown old airplanes and helicopters. I have driven fast cars and faster motorcycles. I have an iron pterodactyl living in my front yard.

Along the way I developed a passion for Asian art and architecture and the designs of the Arts and Crafts movement. George Nakishima, Sam Maloof, the Greene brothers and Frank Lloyd Wright, have influenced me. I draw inspiration from the things that surround me, both natural and manmade. I have used these influences to create not only furniture, but also metal sculpture.

These influences and the driving forces within me cause a continual striving for perfection. I seek to balance the aesthetic with the engineering to create an object of beauty. This involves a thousand skills learned not only from my woodworking background, but all the various things that I have done. I combine the art with the craft so the spirit of the tree can live on as a piece of fine furniture enriching the lives of the people for whom it was created.

I have followed a dream and it has brought me here, to the Big Island of Hawaii. In this place I have put all the pieces of me together. Now I do the work I love. My wife works with me in the studio, my son surfs and we get to swim with the turtles. I enjoy the community of gifted artists here. Every day I get to work with "big boy tools" and chose the project that I will create. I follow the wood; it shows the way. I honor it and I try to find its ultimate use. Koa was the wood of the Ali'i (Hawaiian Royalty), it should be respected. I do my best.

View more of David's work at his website »

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HFIA Director Sally Rice

The HFIA Association e-news introduces you to HFIA Director, Sally Rice, who has been an active member of the Hawai’i agri-business community for 49 years. She is Past President of the Hawai'i Forest Industry Association and the Hawai'i Forest Institute. Her focus as an HFIA Director is assisting as she is needed with the Ka'üpülehu Dryland Forest restoration and helping to bring in partners.

She is a 1957 graduate of the College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. She is an owner and vice president of Agro Resources, Inc., a statewide farming company, and a member and owner of Agricon Hawaii LLC, an agricultural consulting firm. Her experience includes sustainable forest management plans for koa logging, restoration of native Hawaiian forests, and commercial forestry projects.

Sally has planned and developed macadamia nut orchards, tropical fruit orchards, and coffee plantations; initiated intensive rotational grazing systems for cattle and sheep; developed and managed agricultural livestock and crop irrigation water systems; climate zone research, in cooperation with the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture, on subtropical crops such as persimmon, kiwi, pepino, low chill apples, low chill peaches, and artichokes.

Aside from her work with HFIA and HFI, her contribution to the Hawai'i community is extensive. She is a director and president of Ka 'Ahahui 'O Ka Nahelehele, a non-profit organization involved in cultural and eco-system restoration and education for the threatened native dryland forest. She is also Past President of the Hawai'i Tropical Fruit Growers Association.

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Articles of Interest
National and international Forestry News

Losing the Rainforest
For the first time in three years, deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon basin increased... Read Article

Practical training in agriculture planned
With the demand for information on sustainable gardening and agricultural practices increasing, the Hilo-Hamakua Community Development Corp. and Hawaii County Depart-ment of Research and Development are supporting a second series of classes in Hamakua on sustainable agriculture and energy practices. Read Article

Company given extension on Hilo eucalyptus removal
HONOLULU -- A company trying to remove eucalyptus from the Waiakea Timber Management Area has run afoul of the vagaries of home-fashion trends and on Friday was granted up to an additional 12 months to finish the project. Read Article

Firebreak holds
ABOVE OOKALA -- Firefighters believe they averted a major fire Friday, containing a brush fire near a eucalyptus forest. Fed by stiff 12 mph winds, the fire grew to 200 acres and reached into the forest, but Battalion Chief Bob Bailey said crews... Read Article

Recycling is a desirable behavior, and anything that can be practically recycled should be. However, Hawaii is a small isolated economy that cannot support the facilities to recycle many materials.... Read Article

Lumber firm gets more time
HONOLULU -- A company trying to remove eucalyptus from the Waiakea Timber Management Area has run afoul of the vagaries of home-fashion trends and on Friday was granted up to an additional 12 months to finish the project. The state Board of Land and ... Read Article

Study of biomass facilities stripped
Biomass plants may be built on agricultural property without zoning approval under a new state law. Although state legislators from the Big Island interviewed Monday said the new law will expedite the state's push for renewable energy, Hamakua Council... Read Article

Understand what's wrong with your plants
Know what's ailing your plants before you put your money down. Here's a word of warning: if you don't know what's ailing your plants, don't buy a pesticide just because someone says, "Give this a try..." or "Give that a try." Too many times I have ... Read Article

Keep It Hawaii
The Hawaii Tourism Authority presented its 17th annual Keep It Hawaii recognition awards... Read Article

Hamakua timber headed to biomass
A partnership of wind farm developers from Maui and Kauai are firming up plans to build a 30-megawatt power plant in Hamakua that will burn eucalyptus trees growing along the coast... Read Article

Kukui: a lovely and useful tree for your landscape
Our island home is blessed with a plethora of wonderful native and heritage trees, but none is so grand nor has so many cultural uses as the kukui. A fast growing tree, kukui can be invasive in some areas. When grown as a landscape specimen and... Read Article

Branching out
In 1997, longtime Kona resident Billy Duignan wanted a career change. So he decided to go out on a limb and branch out -- literally. Co-owner of Shamrock Tree Service Inc in Honaunau, Duignan founded his tree trimming company 11 years ago after working... Read Article

Attractive entrances vital to unique island living
A strange thing about human nature is that we tend to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. At the same time we become numb to the ugliness as well. That is why it is fun and educational to see our islands as a visitor might experience them... Read Article

Saving our native forests means controlling strawberry guava
Everyone seems to agree that strawberry guava is invading native forests and something must be done. Several solutions have been proposed but none have been implemented. Meanwhile, our native forests are becoming thickets of strawberry guava where no... Read Article

State law removes public review
Read Article

County Looking At Money For 'green Jobs'
Read Article

Chocolate Origins
Read Article

HPM receives "Chain of Custody" certification
Read Article

Vog crop damage?
Read Article

Eucalyptus trees could provide isle with energy
Read Article

Turning eucalyptus into Big Isle electricity
Read Article

Future of Hawaii renewable energy projects uncertain
Read Article

Mortising the "easy" way
Remember the 28 alder doors I had to make? Well, actually it was 25 alder doors and three cedar doors. At any rate, I used a cope and stick set to shape the stiles and rails but I wanted to use some large tenons as well since these are 34″ wide, 8’ tall doors. I decided the simplest way was to use floating tenons. With three rails per door, that meant a total of 336 3″ deep mortises with lengths varying from 4 to 8 inches, depending on the rail location... Read Article

... recent report by the Asian Development Bank on biofuels has touted the Jatropha curcas plant ... Read Article

Presidential Candidates Differ Sharply on Ethanol
...forest or grasslands for biofuel crops releases huge amounts of the carbon stored naturally in native soils ... Read Article

Wood waste from storm expected to be used as fuel for Lufkin's future biomass power plant
... to be used as fuel for Lufkin's future biomass power plant ... Read Article

Ag must remain part of state's economic future
...biofuels can bring, Hawai'i has a clear interest in the green space that ag lands provide. Agriculture should not be relegated to "legacy" status; it needs to be part of our economic ... Read Article

Maui's Only Independent Newspaper
...biomass as tropical agriculture. The difference is that sugarcane can be cut and pressed easily, while algae have ... Read Article

Nexterra Receives Order from Johnson Controls for a Multi-million Dollar Biomass Gasification System at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
... plant by converting locally sourced woody biomass into clean burning syngas. The syngas will produce 60,000 lbs/hr of saturated steam to displace ... Read Article

Lakshmi Overseas enters into 5 yr agreement with PTC India
... selling "green power" being generated from the latter's biomass based 30 Mw Power Plant ... Read Article

Biomass Fuel Facility Planned For Northern Minn.
... production facility in northern Minnesota that would turn biomass into fuel. The plant ... Read Article

Northern Ontario to Help Pioneer Growth Beyond Oil
... forest products in the Northeast to utilize for biofuels production, while at the same time maintaining sustainable forest... Read Article

Klamath Tribes propose biomass energy plant
... Tribes propose biomass energy plant ... Read Article

CCI could build another Renewafuel plant
... production facility in northern Minnesota that would turn biomass into fuel. The plant comes under Cliffs subsidiary, Renewafuel. The plant ... Read Article

Biofuel researchers set their sights on...
... it as a more efficient alternative source of biomass for fuel. The plants ... Read Article

Canada: AbitibiBowater to Certify 8 Million Acres of Forest to FSC Standards. Read Article

MT: Montana Foresters Take Logging From Low-Impact To Value-Added. Read Article

CA: Wood flooring that's environmentally friendly, The housing market is a mess, but not for Richmond California's EcoTimber. Read Article

WA: Port Angeles Logging Company To Be Featured On Two Reality TV Shows Rygaard Logging was filmed as part of a new NBC show, "America's Toughest Jobs." It also will be featured on the "Ax Men," shown on cable's The History Channel. Read Article

SD: "Wildfire" of bugs plagues forests, Mountain pine beetle barrage continues to eat away at Black Hills National Forest. Read Article

AB: Beetle-Killed Wood Has 'Potential' As Newsprint. Read Article

NJ: Industry changes in New Jersey force sawmills to pack their trunks, The effects of globalization, development and technological, economic and legislative change have all contributed to the decline of mills here. Read Article

MN: Woody Biomass Removal Case Studies, Lessons Learned and Strategies for Success Read Article

AZ: Partners celebrate opening of biomass plant, At 24 Megawatts It’s the largest woody biomass plant in Arizona. Read Article

WI: The New 'Oil' Is Right Here In The Northwoods: It's Called Biomass As oil prices skyrocket in an energy-hungry nation, the states forestry experts are seeing a sudden renewed interest in biomass. Read Article

PA: Gov. Rendell Touts Cellulosic Biofuels for Chesapeake Bay Watershed States, says Pennsylvania Positioned to Lead National Movement Towards Next Generation Biofuels. Read Article

MN: Loggers in northern Minn. cutting their losses, but there are a few bright spots. Read Article

BC: British Columbia Lumber Output Drops, Output from B.C. sawmills and planers was down 28.1 per cent in June compared to the same month in 2007. Read Article

WA: Plum Creek, Campbell Form Timberlands Venture, Plum Creek will contribute the 454,000 timberlands to the joint venture and the Campbell Group will contribute $783 million in cash. Read Article

NB: New Brunswick Forest Industry Could Grow To $4.7 Billion a Year By 2015 From $2.5 Billion In 2008. Read Article

ID: A Sawtooth Policy on the Edge, The U.S. Congress took a chance in 1972 and established a land use experiment in the form of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Act. Read Article

CO: Lignol Confirms Site For Its Proposed Cellulosic Ethanol Plant In Colorado. Read Article

NC: Trees Into Fuel: NC State Garners Grant to Study Wood as an Alternative Feedstock. Read Article

NY: our million tons of green energy unused in Upstate New York. Read Article

NM: Company To Produce 45,000 tons of wood pellets a year Read Article

CO: Confluence Energy LLC announces agreement with Colorado Blue Logs LLC. Read Article

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Mahalo New and Renewing Members

Corporate ($300)
Peter D. Simmons-Land Assets Manager, Kamehameha Schools

Business ($125)
William Cowern-President, Hawaiian Mahogany, Inc.
Richard Cunningham-Cunningham Gallery
Mats A. Fogelvik-Fogelvik Furniture
Roy Lambrecht-Hardwoods and Cabinet Supplies
Aileen Yeh-Horticulturist, Aileen’s Nursery/Hawaii Agriculture Research Center

Individual ($35)
Stewart Chow-Owner, Forgotten Wood Custom Woodworking
Francisco Clemente-Wood Artist, Francisco Clemente Woodturning
Joyce H. Doty-CEO, Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens
Gerald Filipelli
Heather Gallo
James Gargan
Stanley J. Hebda
Arnold Hori
Andy Magoulick
Frank McClure-Wooden Shapes
Lawrence Nitz-Researcher, Kula Mill Farms, Inc.
Robert Osgood
Michael Smith
Gaylord Stadshaug-Stadshaug Designs
George Tanabe
Shirley Wagner-Owner, Fine Design Interiors, Inc.
Terry Wells-Owner, Kahili Makai Ranch and Supply
Logan White-Owner, Pai’ea Millwrights

A special welcome to new member Stanley J. Hebda!

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HFIA Membership
Your Membership Counts

Membership Benefits:

  • Issues of HFIA's monthly e-newsletter;
  • Monthly Articles of Interest;
  • The quarterly Agriculture Hawai'i magazine;
  • The opportunity to list your business in HFIA's website Resource Guide and Directory;
  • The opportunity to rent a space in HFIA's Honolulu Inter-Island Airport Display;
  • The opportunity to vote in the election for the Board of Directors and an invitation to mingle with fellow members at the Annual General Membership meeting; and
  • A special invitation to the Hawaii's Woodshow™ opening night reception.
Your dues also help support HFIA's many programs and activities:

Advocacy: A voice at the legislature and in public forums promoting policies and actions which will foster healthy and productive forests;

Forest Science: Demonstration of techniques to restore and protect species in dryland native forests;

Information Exchange: In addition to the monthly newsletter and Articles of Interest, public symposia have been sponsored by HFIA as well as participating in exhibitions, conferences, and special events;

Marketing: Research into market strategies for commodity wood products and fine crafted products have resulted in the implementation of the Hawaii's WoodTM brand and the related creation of marketing materials and tools; and

Education and Training: Workshops for woodworkers featuring nationally-known guest woodworkers are held annually; Opportunities for professional improvement for loggers, landowners and managers, and others.

Individual: $35.00
Business $125.00
Corporate $300.00

Download the Application PDF

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About this Newsletter

This is the monthly newsletter for the Hawai'i Forest Industry Association.

If you have suggestions, content or images that you would like to contribute to the HFIA Association E-News please contact Development Coordinator, Deborah Griffiths, deb.hfia@hawaiiantel.net, or Executive Director, Heather Gallo, hawaii.forest@hawaiiantel.net.

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About HFIA
Managing and maintaining healthy, sustainable, productive forests

The Hawai'i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Hawai'i in 1989. Founded by and for people interested and directly involved in managing and maintaining healthy, sustainable, productive forests, HFIA has a diverse membership of over 200 individuals and businesses including: woodworkers, forestry professionals, sawyers, ecotourism operators, educators, environmentalists, government officials and interested citizens.

HFIA is primarily a volunteer-based organization, with a small staff on Hawai'i Island and two independent contractors on Oahu. The Board of Directors includes eight Island Directors and nine At-Large Directors.

Since its inception, HFIA has promoted active public awareness of Hawaii's unique forest resources. As reflected in its diverse membership, HFIA is extraordinary for its founding premise that sustainability is based on an encompassing acknowledgement of the environmental, aesthetic, cultural/historical and economic aspects of this resource. We welcome you to join us.

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