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Mats Fogelvik

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Executive Director
Heather Gallo

Development Coordinator
Deborah Griffiths

Ka'üpülehu Site Manager
Wilds Pihanui Brawner

Ka'üpülehu Weed Control
Midge Casuga

Marketing Consultant
Lisa Maruyama

Ka'üpülehu Biological Services
Jill Wagner

Marketing Consultant
Heidi Wild

Ka'üpülehu Education and Outreach Coordinator
Yvonne Yarber-Carter

Hawaii's Woodshow™ Consultant
Marian Yasuda

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HFIA Wins Keep It Hawai'i Award
The 17th annual honor presented by Hawai'i Tourism Authority

The Hawai'i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) is pleased to announce the Hawai'i Tourism Authority selected HFIA's Ka'üpülehu Dryland Forest Volunteer and Outreach Program as a recipient of its 17th Annual Keep It Hawai'i Recognition Awards . The Keep It Hawai'i awards were presented to individuals, organizations and businesses in recognition of their commitment to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. HFIA won the Lehua Maka Noe Award for Hawai'i Island.

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Hawaii's Woodshow™ 2008
Special Announcement, Mark Your Calendars!

The Sixteenth Annual
Statewide Juried Furniture & Woodworking Show
of the Hawai'i Forest Industry Association

Thursday, November 20th through Sunday, November 23rd
Honolulu Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii

Statment of Purpose
Hawaii's Woodshow 2008, Na La`au o Hawai`i, is the annual juried woodworking show of the Hawai`i Forest Industry Association (HFIA). The Show is designed to impart public appreciation for the participating artists and the materials they use, and to promote the positive role of forests in our economy and ecology. The Show calls for the use of wood from Hawaiian-grown tree species, especially those that have been planted and brought to maturity here. It is intended to serve as a reference point for the planting of native and non-native high-value hardwoods for coming generations.

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Featured Artist: Frank McClure
The Unlimited Nature of Carving

Frank McClure is an "Invited Artist" at the Hawai’i Forest Industry Association's Annual Hawaii's Woodshow. In 2007, he received two “First Place” awards, one “Honorable Mention”, as well as the “Artists’ Choice” and “Peoples’ Choice” awards. Two of his three entries, Milonia and Fleurisma, were purchased by the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

The forms of nature inspire Frank McClure to create. Living in Hawai’i with access to an abundance of tropical wood, Frank creates amazing sculptural pieces out of what others refer to as “junk”. Using the stumps, roots, and crotches of trees taken down for numerous reasons, Frank transforms them into unique and fluid sculptural forms--beautiful works of art.

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HFIA Membership Survey
We want to hear from you!

Thank you for your support of the Hawai`i Forest Industry Association (HFIA). As a member-based organization, we value your feedback. Please take the time to fill out the following survey, which will help us to improve upon our member services.

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Hawai'i Island Native Seed Bank

Caesalpina kavaiensis seeds. Photo submitted by J.B. Friday

Hawai'i Island's dryland forests are the most endangered dryland forests in the world and wildfires have played a large role in their demise. A partnership effort, funded by the West Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, is working to mitigate and reverse this loss by establishing the Native Hawaiian Seed Bank Cooperative. HFIA’s nonprofit affiliate, the Hawai'i Forest Institute, will administer the funds and Jill Wagner, HFIA's Ka'üpülehu Dryland Forest Biological Services Consultant, will coordinate the project.

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Ka'üpülehu Dryland Forest Report
by Wilds Pihanui Brawner, HFIA's Ka'üpülehu Site Manager

The spring months have brought much growth to the forest, as native seedlings and weeds emerge everywhere. With this, the fuel load for fire has been escalated, therefore efforts to reduce weeds and expand the firebreak are constantly underway.

A site consultation with DLNR, DOFAW, and Hawaii County fire officials proved beneficial and productive as I was able to get a better grasp of fire culture and its interaction in a dry forest. Access roads and the fenceline/fuelbreak are being sprayed to increase their widths to serve as larger and more effective firebreaks. Fallen trees that were leaning against others have been removed near the highway to reduce "ladder fuels" that can crawl up trees and takeover a forest.

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Articles of Interest
National and international Forestry News

Native seed bank co-op established Plants may help break wildfire cycle
Hawaii Island's dryland forests are the most endangered dryland forests in the world and wildfires have played a large role in their demise. A partnership effort, funded by the West Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, is working to mitigate and reverse this loss by establishing the Native Hawaiian Seed Bank Co-operative. Read Article

Tougher laws should help state protect resources
Strengthening laws to protect Hawaii's natural and cultural resources has been a Department of Land and Natural Resources priority for the past year, said Chairwoman Laura Thielen. Read Article

Sisters: Siblings can't be described as retired as evident from the gigs, jobs and hobbies they've cultivated over the nearly half century spent in Hawaii
Judy Hancock is mostly a full-time rancher these days. She raises and sells miniature horses, Boer goats and Dorper sheep, and is working to expand her stock to include miniature cattle, too.  She's also a conservationist and an artist, when time permits. Her older sister, Pat Hall, has a similar resume, ranging from teacher to dorm parent, farmer to artist, writer to publisher. Read Article

Waiawi are water hogs
HONOLULU -- Native forests invaded by strawberry guava lose 27 percent more water to the atmosphere than pristine forests, a University of Hawaii researcher has found. "This translates into a huge loss of water from our soils, streams and groundwater... Read Article

Lawyers bash state for not protecting rare bird
Three environmental groups are threatening to take the state back to court if more isn't done to fence out wild sheep and goats from Mauna Kea habitat critical to Hawaiian honeycreepers. As populations of an endangered palila plummet, state land Read Article

It's important to monitor water intake for plants
Who loves lots of rain? Snails, slugs, and mushrooms to name a few. While it is not going to get rid of them, turning off the irrigation might decrease their numbers. In most areas we are getting enough rainfall for all but the most recently planted ... Read Article

Rebirth of most rare
MAUNA LOA - It's another day at the office for a group of hunched-over, squatting teenagers, as they helped to plant a small maile vine in Kipuka Ki. The millions of visitors that stream in to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will never see this plant... Read Article

Many factors can hinder your tree's production of fruit
Readers often ask me why fruit trees don't produce. Since there are many factors involved in fruit production, there are also many reasons why fruit trees don't produce. Here are a few of the more common ones. - Rain: Too much rain during the bloom ... Read Article

Ka'u man fights to save his plants
PAHALA -- Scuba tanks let humans breathe in hostile environments, and they can save vog-choked plants, too. That's the unconventional finding of one horticulturist, Ted Seaman, whose nursery, South Point Propagation, has been converted into an outdoor... Read Article

Saving the resources
HONOLULU - Gov. Linda Lingle burned fuel in the short term to try to increase Hawaii's power alternatives in the long term as she headed Tuesday for energy summits in the Bahamas and Colorado. Lingle said the U.S. Department of Energy is paying for... Read Article

Volunteers work to restore Waikoloa forest
Volunteers are hoping that when their work is finished, Waikoloa will look like the forest it was meant to be. The Waikoloa Outdoor Circle and the Pohakuloa Training Area are spearheading a restoration project that is aimed at preserving the local endangered plants and reintroducing other native species. The Waikoloa Outdoor Circle, which secured a license in 2007 to access a 275-acre section of land near the Waikoloa Village for 15 years through 2022, created the Waikoloa Dry Forest Recovery Project Group to try and restore the area. Read Article

Palms and bamboo are great for urban reforestation
Two important programs are coming up in July. If you want to learn more about palms and bamboo, these are a must. The first is at 7 p.m. Friday at the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus, Room UCB 100. Dr. John Dransfield from Kew Gardens, England... Read Article

Image mapping technology aids conservation efforts
A new technology mapping invasive species is being tested on Kauai and may eventually be used on the Big Island. Remote sensing firm Resource Mapping Hawaii, under a contract with The Nature Conservancy, has developed a collection of imaging technology... Read Article

Saving the palila
The state Department of Land and Natural Resources defended on Friday its efforts to save the palila, one of the last living species of Hawaii's seed-eating honeycreepers. "The department is concerned about the decline in palila numbers over the past... Read Article

Strawberry guava
As a field ecologist I have the opportunity to explore the back country of the Big Island. Our native forests consist of amazing combinations of plant species, many of which are found nowhere else. The picture changes when one enters an area that has... Read Article

Tougher laws should help state protect resources
Strengthening laws to protect Hawaii's natural and cultural resources has been a Department of Land and Natural Resources priority for the past year, said Chairwoman Laura Thielen. DLNR introduced numerous bills, which resulted in four laws passing. Read Article

The art of working with wood
Whether harvested, salvaged or purchased, West Hawaii woodworkers use native woods combined with craftsmanship and creativity to make functional and decorative pieces of artistry. Using nature for inspiration, woodworkers take their time and pay attention... Read Article

OSU study: Loss of forest payments hurts services
...study found that Oregon counties are dealing with the loss of federal forest payments by making major cuts in road and bridge maintenance, emergency services. Portland Business Journal on July 9, 2008. Read Article

Ciber, Forest Oil stocks climb; Crocs drops
...Shares of Ciber Inc. rose 8.05 percent and of Forest Oil Corp. 4.66 percent on Tuesday. But Crocs suffered a down...... Read Article

Kaua'i forests being scanned for invaders
The Nature Conservancy has started testing a remote sensing technology on Kaua'i that it says could be a major advance in the fight against invasive plant species in Hawai'i. "I honestly think ... Read Article

Doing a double take on renewable energy
Have you noticed how fast we forget things? Sometimes... Read Article

From the Hawaii Conservation Alliance: www.hawaiiconservation.org

CA: Court Denies Stay In Pacific Lumber Case, Billionaire founders of San Francisco's Gap Inc. are expected to take control of some of the most valuable timberland in the country within days Read Article

ME: $13.6 Million Loan To Buoy Red Shield, An investment company has agreed to loan Red Shield Environmental and RSE Pulp & Chemical $13.6 million to repay the companies' existing debt and fund the restart of the mill Read Article

NB: Woodlot Owners Irked By Export Permits, New Brunswick's 40,000 private woodlot owners says the province was taken in when it agreed to allow large wood harvesting companies to export more Crown wood for processing outside the province Read Article

OR: To the rescue, Oregon’s Hairy Dog Thinning rescues overgrown tree farms Read Article

CA: The Wood To Rebuild Tahoe Is Sitting There, Rotting, A year after the Angora fire in South Lake Tahoe, the dead trees, debris and rubble are cleared from the devastated neighborhoods Read Article

OR: Loggers From TV's "Ax Men" Will Be In Vernonia Parade Grand Marshals Read Article

NC: Forsyth County Couple Recognized By Their Peers For The Way They Manage Their 168-Acre Farm. Bob Cooper said that he harvests trees but also plants them in his practice of sustainable forestry. Trees are also good for the environment Read Article

NY: The Hunt For Urban Wood And Its Electrifying Possibilities Read Article

INT: Sava Joint Venture Opens Biggest Wood Biomass Plant In Balkans Read Article

VT: Pellet Stoves In Short Supply, Pellet stoves are a hot commodity so much so that some dealers have run out of inventory and are already taking orders for next year Read Article

SC: Palmetto Renewable Energy Completes Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant Read Article

NV: Entrepreneur Ignites Cleaner Log Market By producing a cleaner wood-burning product. To that end, Michael Pettibone started Sierra Tahoe Wood Products in January to sell pellet fuel. Read Article

MT: Plum Creek Timber Co. is committed long-term to its operations in Montana, even with plans to sell 320,000 acres in a sweeping conservation deal, said Rick Holley, the company’s president and chief executive officer. Read Article

IL: Tree Farmers Can Receive Payments For Sequestering Carbon Dioxide. Through the Chicago Climate Exchange, farmers with forest land can receive payments for sequestering carbon dioxide Read Article

MT: Frenchtown Face: Project Balances Nature, Growth. The $1 million project, which started in May after six years of planning, is designed to reduce the risk of severe wildfires and restore the forest's health, while producing jobs and revenue for the local economy. Read Article

OR: Warm Springs Biomass-Generated Energy Project Ready For Next Step, A woody biomass power generation project of the Warm Springs Tribe is under way after years of planning Read Article

NY: Law To Regulate Outdoor Wood Boilers, Amid the summer heat, village board members have drafted regulations regarding a contested method of producing heat in the colder months: outdoor wood boilers Read Article

US: Green Energy Resources Offers Certified Wood and Carbon Credits Read Article

PA: Pennsylvania DCNR Releases Guidance on Harvesting Forest Biomass for Energy Read Article

US: Wal-Mart Joins World Wildlife Federation In Fight Against Illegal Logging Read Article

AK: Suit Filed To Stop Four Timber Sales on Largest National Forest Read Article

WA: New Weyerhaeuser sawmill up and running, the first logs rolled through its new consolidated sawmill in Longview on Monday, marking a new era for the company’s lumber production in Cowlitz County Read Article

US: New US Forest Service report, an Integrated Approach to Evaluating the Economic Costs of Wildfire Hazard Reduction through Wood Utilization Opportunities in the Southwestern United States Read Article

VT: Willow Biomass Experiment, Now In Year Two, Looks Promising, With spiking oil prices making businesses and homeowners wonder how they’ll budget for winter heating, the prospect of growing renewable fuel in nearby farm fields is ever more tantalizing Read Article

NV: Researchers from the DRI and the University of Nevada, Reno are part of a $4 million study by Gas Technology Institute to economically convert any leafy or woody biomass into a uniform, densified feedstock Read Article

CO: Oak Creek Explores Energy Options, the town is turning its eyes toward biomass? Northwest Colorado's newest plentiful natural resource, thanks to the pine-beetle epidemic sweeping through forests across the American West Read Article

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Upcoming Conferences and Events

American Loggers Council 14th Annual Meeting, Sept 25-27
Montgomery, AL
More Details

MN - Kiln Drying Short Course, The 31st Annual Kiln Drying Short Course will be held August 11-14, 2008 at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus
More Details

OR - The Western Stewardship Summit will take place September 24-26, 2008 at Bend Oregon
More Details

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Mahalo New and Renewing Members

Business ($125)
Cathy Berenberg-Owner, McKee Fine Woodworking

Individual ($35)
Tom Alexander-Production Manager, Volcano Percussion
Robert W. Butts-RWB
Andy Cole
T. Dilcher, M.D.
Alan Gamble-Owner, Ala Koa
Rita Holden-Co-Owner, Holden & Holden Designs
Kelvin Kaneoka
David Longacre-Owner, Kawika Tropical Fruit Orchards
Anthony Oliver
Dave Rinell-President, Rinell Wood Systems, Inc.

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Your dues also help support HFIA's many programs and activities:

Advocacy: A voice at the legislature and in public forums promoting policies and actions which will foster healthy and productive forests;

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Information Exchange: In addition to the monthly newsletter and Articles of Interest, public symposia have been sponsored by HFIA as well as participating in exhibitions, conferences, and special events;

Marketing: Research into market strategies for commodity wood products and fine crafted products have resulted in the implementation of the Hawaii's WoodTM brand and the related creation of marketing materials and tools; and

Education and Training: Workshops for woodworkers featuring nationally-known guest woodworkers are held annually; Opportunities for professional improvement for loggers, landowners and managers, and others.

Individual: $35.00
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About this Newsletter

This is the monthly newsletter for the Hawai'i Forest Industry Association.

If you have suggestions, content or images that you would like to contribute to the HFIA Association E-News please contact Development Coordinator, Deborah Griffiths, deb.hfia@hawaiiantel.net, or Executive Director, Heather Gallo, hawaii.forest@hawaiiantel.net.

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About HFIA
Managing and maintaining healthy, sustainable, productive forests

The Hawai'i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Hawai'i in 1989. Founded by and for people interested and directly involved in managing and maintaining healthy, sustainable, productive forests, HFIA has a diverse membership of over 200 individuals and businesses including: woodworkers, forestry professionals, sawyers, ecotourism operators, educators, environmentalists, government officials and interested citizens.

HFIA is primarily a volunteer-based organization, with a small staff on Hawai'i Island and two independent contractors on Oahu. The Board of Directors includes eight Island Directors and nine At-Large Directors.

Since its inception, HFIA has promoted active public awareness of Hawaii's unique forest resources. As reflected in its diverse membership, HFIA is extraordinary for its founding premise that sustainability is based on an encompassing acknowledgement of the environmental, aesthetic, cultural/historical and economic aspects of this resource. We welcome you to join us.

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