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Volume 2 Issue 10
December 2007
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Mike Robinson,President
Bart Potter,Vice President
Mats Fogelvik, Secretary
Peter Simmons,Treasurer


William Cowern
Stephen Smith


Lloyd Jones
Bart Potter


Kip Dunbar
Mats Fogelvik


Peter Simmons
Aileen Yeh


Nick Dudley
Travis Idol
Tai Lake
Larry Nitz
Bob Osgood
Sally Rice
Mike Robinson
Jay Warner 
Ed Winkler

Executive DIRECTOR

Heather Gallo
Deborah Griffiths

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        Happy New Year !
new yearsThe HFIA team thanks you for your support in 2007 and wishes you and your families all the best for a prosperous and Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2008!
2008 Conference Links
As part of our 2008 services for members, we will be posting conferences and events of interest throughout the year. If you have any other suggestions for conferences please send them to us and we will post them for members. Mahalo!
"Old Forests, New Management"
Conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century
An international scientific conference to be held in Hobart from the 17th to the 21st of February 2008. Hosted by the CRC for Forestry, Forestry Tasmania and the International Union of Forest Research Organisations    Old Forests New Management   
"Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to Climate Change with Emphasis on Forest Health"  25-28 Aug. 2008-- Umea, Sweden

"Forest Soils Science--Celebrating 50 years of Research on Properties, Processes and Management of Forest Soils"

Articles of Interest

December 2007


Mahalo New and Renewing Members   



Michael Wolf-

President, Hancock Timber Resources Group



Greg H. Blomgren-Owner, Koa Hawaiiana

Tay W. Perry-President, Tay W. Perry, Inc.

Roy Tsumoto-Owner, Woodcraft by Roy Tsumoto



Richard C. Baldwin- Piiholo Ranch

William DeMent

John Hoxie, Jr.

Robert A. Merriam

Randi Schneider

Roy F. Simperman

Ralph Suda

Charijean Watanabe-President, Akamai Glass Co.

  Mahalo!           new years

Hawaii Forest Industry Association

Ka`üpülehu Dryland Forest

Site Manager announcement and Position Description


Site Manager announcement

Site Manager

Hawai`i Forest Industry Association and the National Tropical Botanical Gardens are seeking a highly motivated individual to maintain and manage the Ka`üpülehu Dryland Forest in North Kona; a nationally recognized restoration project, now in its 12th year.  Requires minimum two years experience in natural resource management, forestry, site maintenance, or related field.  Experience in irrigation, plant, fence, fire break, and weed maintenance.  Must have strong leadership and PR skills and ability to collaborate with ongoing programs.  $40,000/yr. + benefits.  Send resume to P.O. Box 10216 Hilo, HI 96721 or email: by January 11, 2008. 

Your Membership Counts
As a member of HFIA you can have a positive impact   on HFIA's yearly operations. If you already have a membership, please send this along to others to let them know about the benefits of HFIA membership.  

As a member of Hawai`i Forest Industry Association (HFIA), you receive:

-Issue of HFIA's monthly newsletter;

-Monthly Articles of Interest linking you to articles about various happenings throughout the State of Hawai`i;

-The quarterly Agriculture Hawai`i magazine;

-The opportunity  to list your business in HFIA's website Resource Guide and Directory;

-The opportunity to rent a space in HFIA's Honolulu Inter-Island Airport Display;

-The opportunity to vote in the election for the Board of Directors and an invitation to mingle with fellow members at the Annual General Membership meeting; and

-A special invitation to the Hawai`i's Woodshow opening night reception.




-Advocacy:  A voice at the legislature and in public forums promoting policies and actions which will foster healthy and productive forests;

-Forest Science: Demonstration of techniques to restore and protect species in dryland native forests;

-Information Exchange:  In addition to the monthly newsletter and Articles of Interest, public symposia have been sponsored by HFIA as well as participating in exhibitions, conferences, and special events;

-Marketing:  Research into market strategies for commodity wood products and fine crafted products have resulted in the implementation of the Hawaii's WoodTM brand and the related creation of marketing materials and tools; and

-Education and Training:  Workshops for woodworkers featuring nationally-known guest woodworkers are held annually; Opportunities for professional improvement for loggers, landowners and managers, and others.

Individual:  $35.00,
Business   $125.00,
Corporate $300.00
To access an application click here:
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There are many ways to express what you have to say about your company and quality products through HFIA. Try advertising in this space or feature your work in one of the displays in the Honolulu International Airport. Both options provide great potential customer opportunities and help HFIA at the same time.
If you have an article of interest about your company that you would like to contribute to the HFIA newsletter, let us know.
Contact Heidi Wild for airport
or 808-587-7048.
Division of Forestry and Wildlife News
If you're interested in news on invasive species, the 

Hawai'i Invasive Species Council eNews is sent to those interested every two weeks approximately.


The Council explains," In each eNews we discuss current issues relating to management of invasive species in Hawaii." 

"The Council provides statewide coordination of invasive species management efforts in the areas of prevention, rapid response, eradication, control, research and public outreach . Its members hope to respond with effective management action and institutional policies to the silent invasion of Hawaii by insects, disease-bearing organisms, snakes, weeds, and other pests. Invasive species are considered to be one of the single greatest threats to Hawaii's economy, natural environment, and to its people's health and lifestyle."
" Invasive species already cause millions of dollars in crop losses, the extinction of native species, the destruction of native forests, and the spread of disease. Every day the media reports another serious case of an invasive species attacking Hawaii, whether it is the Coqui frog, Salvinia molesta, Miconia calvescens, Ohia rust or dengue fever. Yet there are many more harmful species that threaten to invade Hawaii and wreak further damage. Many have not arrived in Hawaii yet. Even one new pest, such as the brown tree snake or the red imported fire ant, could forever change the character of the islands. Stopping the influx of new invasive species and containing their spread is essential to Hawaii's future well-being. "
To become a subsriber and to find out more about the projects of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife click here. DOFAW


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                                ABOUT HFIA


The Hawai'i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Hawai'i in 1989.  Founded by and for people interested and directly involved in managing and maintaining healthy, sustainable, productive forests, HFIA has a diverse membership of over 200 individuals and businesses including: woodworkers, forestry professionals, sawyers, ecotourism operators, educators, environmentalists, government officials and interested citizens.


HFIA is primarily a volunteer-based organization, with a small staff on the Big Island and two independent contractors on Oahu. The Board of Directors includes eight Island Directors and nine At-Large Directors.


Since its inception, HFIA has promoted active public awareness of Hawaii's unique forest resources. As reflected in its diverse membership, HFIA is extraordinary for its founding premise that sustainability is based on an encompassing acknowledgement of the environmental, aesthetic, cultural/historical and economic aspects of this resource. We welcome you to join us.

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