Endtime Overview
Israel, Jacob's Trouble, Great Tribulation
Part 1,2 & 3 

Elisha and Elijah


This is Part two and three of a message I shared at Kehilat Poriya, Israel in the Galilee on April 17, 2012. (English with no translation)  These teachings are very current and relevant to what is going on in Israel. I was teaching with a white board so I have included some of my incomplete power point charts.  

These are mp3 message that are an overview of the endtimes with a focus on Jacob's Trouble or the great tribulation.  This is a very important event concerning Israel, Jewish people, body of Yeshua, rapture of the church, all of Israel being saved etc.   This is shared in the context of Hebrew roots and not a western, gentilized gospel.  This is the gospel of the kingdom and not the typical western gospel. 

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Each of these teachings are 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours long. 

Endtime Overview of Jacob's Trouble Part 1

Endtime Overview of Jacob's Trouble Part 2

Endtime Overview of Jacob's Trouble Part 3


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From the city of the Great King--Shalom, Clint

Millenial Chart

This chart shows the Millennium with the Return of Yeshua being before the 1000 (literal) year reign.  This, in my opinion, is one of the most critical end time positions to hold. 

There are those that hold a Post-millennial position that teaches that Yeshua will return at the end of the 1000 (allegorical) years. Many of those that teach the 7 mountains believe that we conquer the 7 spheres of society first (dominion theology) and then present the world to the Lord at the end of the millennium (allegorical) time.  And that this is when Jesus returns.  Those preaching this position are Lance Walnau, C. Peter Wagner and company, Johnny Enlow and many others.  This was hijacked from Francis Schaeffer, Dr. Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham who were all pre-millennialists.  In a pre-millennial context the "7 mountain" teaching is ok.  But in a dominion, post-millennial context it is gross error and based on replacement theology.

Also, Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. hold a dominion, preterist, post-millenial position as well and they use a book entitled "Victorious Eschatology" by Harold Eberly.  These positions are all based on replacement theology.  No matter how much these people say they love Israel and pray for Israel this position IS REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY!

It leaves Israel, the Jewish people and the time of Jacob's trouble (great tribulation) entirely out of the picture.  I believe this is very dangerous as it does not give the correct context for preparation and intercession for the difficult days ahead. 

7 yr chart

This chart shows a partial overview of the 7 year period (rejected by dominion, post-millennial position) The Great Tribulation is the final 3 1/2 years that is also called Jacob's Trouble.  The greatest Aliyah (return of Jewish people to the land of Israel) will occur during the first 3 1/2 years and also at the beginning of the Millennium.  But the second 3 1/2 years will be the most difficult time in the history of the world for everyone as God shakes the heavens and the earth.  God will give a great grace on the believers. 

Immediately after the catching away (7th trumpet) the wrath of God will fall.  Simultaneously with the 7 bowls of wrath will be the battle of Armageddon and the battle for Jerusalem. This will all happen so quickly as the Lord will make a quick work of it in the fury of His wrath.


I am basically a historical pre-millennialist.  I believe that there will be a 7 year period and there will be a literal 1000 year period.  I believe that Yeshua is coming back for Israel and will save all of Israel and will get His bride on the way.  I believe that He will rule and reign from Jerusalem for 1,000 years.  I believe that believers are caught away at the seventh trumpet and  just prior to the 7 bowls of wrath being poured out. 

The Post Millennial position holds that most of Matt 24 and the book of Revelation plus many other old Testament Scriptures happened in 70 AD.  It teaches there is not a literal 7 year period to come in the future.  It teaches that the 1000 year reign is allegorical and we are already in it.  It teaches that we will take dominion over all the world and then the Lord will come at the end of the allegorical 1000 years.  It generally does not teach that the Lord is coming back to save all of Israel out of the time of Jacob's trouble. 

One of the major differences is this: 

Pre-millennial position says Satan will control the kingdoms of this world just prior to the return of the Lord and that the Lord, Himself will deliver Israel, Jewish people and the body of Yeshua from the destruction of the antichrist.  Matt 24 tells us that if those days are not cut short no flesh would be saved and that the Lord will destroy the antichrist at the brightness of His coming.

Post-mellennial position says that the church will take dominion more and more destroying the works of the devil and winning souls and eventually take dominion over all the earth and then the Lord can return.

This is a major difference in eschatology.  It shapes everything you believe including your world view and how you interpret prophetic and end time scriptures. 

I believe it is very relevant and important to study these things out. There is such a mixture of true and false teaching that is going around the world.  You need to study these things for yourself.  Many will be deceived, many will fall away from the faith and many will be offended in these days.  


Lord help each one to study the Word of God.  Lord I pray you break end time deception of each person and that you give all of us your clarity on the days that we are living in.  We thank you Lord that you have given each of us the Spirit of Truth who will guide us into all truth and you have given us the anointing that will teach us all things.  In the Name of Yeshua Ha 'Mashiach.   


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