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  Arts to Grow NewsletterJuly - October 2010
Issue 16
Cars, FHA
Dear Friends of Arts to Grow,

As we kick off our sixth year, we are proud of our arts education programs. On a daily basis, we help children discover their personal, intrinsic motivation through music, visual arts, theater and dance. In the 2010-2011 season, we are deepening and expanding our reach, as well as securing our organizational sustainability. Please help us continue on this mission!

"Cars" Photo Credit: SK Duff
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Arts to Grow is now blogging. We'll be sharing stories from our programs and the latest from thought leaders in arts and education!  We'd love to hear from you--please join us in this conversation.
Arts to Grow beats the Heat!

SK Masks
"Masks" , Photo Credit: SK Duff

Record high temperatures this summer didn't keep children from participating in Arts to Grow programs:
At the Academy Street Firehouse in Newark, NJ, Teaching Artist SK Duff taught a program in 3D mixed media. The students, aged 11-13, created a wide range of art, including Art Cars, African-inspired Dogon doors, sculpture masks, Wayang Kulit shadow puppets, clay animations and Japanese-inspired paintings.
At City Access New York (CANY), teaching artist Caren Skibell led the final segment of a year-long program for young adults with learning/emotional disabilities. Through theater games, the participants learned anger management and expressed themselves by creating original plays and improv. The program culminated in a party where the students shared their creations with each other and family members.

Program Profile: Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Costume 15
 Photo credit: Marissa Lonardo

Cypress Hills (CHLDC) program director Rob Abbot spoke briefly at our October cultivation event. He said that though Cypress Hills has partnered with other arts organizations in the past, Arts to Grow has provided the highest-quality arts education because of its commitment to creating a meaningful, lasting partnership and a highly tailored, sustainable curriculum.  According to Abbot, focused communication and continual collaboration between Arts to Grow teaching artists and the Cypress Hills staff and administration have been the key components in allowing the programs to flourish.

Abbot also spoke about the partnership's impact on the lives of the CHLDC students.  He has seen the way that kids connect to artistic work, and how much each child grows and changes through the course of the curriculum. He noted that most middle-school kids involved in a play have a hard time staying in character and keeping focused during a show.  And yet, in our Musical Theater program at IS-171, he has seen a complete transformation - the students pulled off a production of Aqua Net (based on Hairspray) with a level of professionalism beyond their years. The mature content of Hairspray's subject matter (the main character is a cross-dresser), though at first challenging, ultimately strengthened friendships, boosted self-confidence, and created a strong support network among the cast members.
Two Brand New Cause Marketing Partnerships

At Arts to Grow, we strongly believe in the power of cause marketing! Partnering with a non-profit will help a business of any size distinguish itself as a community leader in their industry. Research shows that 1 out of every 3 consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if they know that a certain amount of the purchase price is being donated directly to a cause or campaign (American Marketing Association).

Meeble Logo
ATG is proud to announce two brand-new partners this fall: MeebleMail and ApK Media!
MeebleMail, run by Sharon Gaffney and Shana Clarke, provides an exciting new way to send emails while supporting a cause.  The site provides a stylish collection of stationery-style email templates that can be personally customized.  When you purchase one of ATG's design templates (coming soon!), MeebleMail will donate a percentage of the proceeds right back to us!

ApK Media Logo
ApK Media is a recently founded media company in Brooklyn that serves as a scouting agency and a creative agency while also providing rental space. ApK Media seeks to be on the front lines of creative and media talent and is committed to supporting new and emerging companies as well as working with well-established entertainment giants. Founders Brian Lane and Daniel Navetta are excited to involve ATG in their upcoming projects!

ABA Logo
In addition to our new partners, we proudly continue our work with ABA, Advanced Benefit Advisors.  This Philadelphia-based employee benefits firm has created the innovative Insurance Partnership For Giving (IPFG) Program to encourage clients to contribute to non-profits.  For each new client that ATG helps ABA acquire, ABA will voluntarily contribute a percentage of their earnings to our programs! 

Learn more about our cause partners.

Fall Comes Into Focus

RL Visit_55
Photo credit: Marissa Lonardo

This fall, we are expanding our programs in Brooklyn with our continuing partner Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation:

At 1S 171, teaching artist Patricia Runcie is helping students in grades 5-8 prepare for a full-length production of a Broadway musical. She is also preparing a small group of students in an intensive class for their high school theatre auditions.

At PS 7, teaching artist Gardiner Comfort is working with students in grades 1-4 on theater games that will lead to scene workshops for 3-4th graders.  
Additionally, we are returning for our fourth year at Riverdale Neighborhood House and our sixth year at Elysian Charter School. At Riverdale, teaching artist Miguel Cossio will engage kids aged 11-14 in painting, sculpture and printmaking, while at Elysian, Ms. Runcie will work with students in grades 3-7 on scene studies that range from The Hobbit to Shakespeare to The Phantom Tollbooth.

Sara Lise Raff Joins in New Role as Program Manager

Arts to Grow is very excited to have Sara Lise Raff, our former Arts Education specialist, take on a new role as our Program Manager. We're extremely proud to have her experience and expertise in this position on a daily basis - she will now be the primary liaison between our teaching artists and our program partners. Congratulations, Sara!
Step-by-Step: Building a Board for the Future

Board of Directors
Photo credit: Bill Stanton

Arts to Grow has built a solid foundation and a track record for staying true to our mission: we've done 60 programs and have served over 1200 kids. We have worked with 14 program partners and our success has not gone unnoticed: over 50 schools and community organizations are waiting to partner with us. Our current board members share our passion for arts education and are willing to use their expertise and resources to support our operational needs and organizational growth.
Now we are looking for board members who can take this foundation and build a successful and sustainable business model. Potential board members should have experience, expertise, passion and connections. Some of the open positions include Vice President; Chair, Development Committee; Chair, Board Development; Finance Committee; and Advisory Board. Just this summer we added four new development committee members: Gabrielle Greeves, Peter May, Bill Sobel and Paula Some.
In early October, fine art dealer and advisor Carole Pinto hosted an intimate gathering at her home/private gallery. The evening included comments by noted arts educator Russell Granet and a testimonial from our partner Rob Abbott, CHLDC. We are planning additional events to engage new supporters; we welcome your involvement.  To learn more, please contact Mallory King at mking@artstogrow.org.  

In Memoriam 
Kimberley Jordan, PR Specialist

Arts to Grow lost a dear friend, Kimberley Jordan, to a fatal car crash in June 2010.  Kimberley worked closely with us from early 2009 until the time of her death.  She was responsible for creating our Strategic Communications Plan (completed July 2009) and for leading the process to develop our unique selling proposition (completed February 2010).  Kimberley was a truly amazing force who quickly became a trusted advisor and true friend. Her many important contributions continue to guide our work. We are pleased to announce that our board president, Sophie Lechner has made a generous donation in Kimberley's honor for the purpose of purchasing our first fundraising software.   As we track every single donation made to ATG on our new software, we will be reminded of Kimberley and what she gave of herself through her work with us.  Our hearts go out to her loved ones.

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Photo credit:  Chris Mcguigan


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