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Do your managers complain about female staffer's attire?


Do female members of your team show too much skin?
Do you wish you had a guide outlining what business casual is and isn't?


Touchy subjects call for trusted measures.


Our new e-book series will show women in your organization how and why to stop undermining themselves when they send the wrong message with inapproriate wardrobe choices.
For both corporate or business casual, our guidelines will show how to put forth a more polished look. 
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Over 100 callers attended our first program!
We will cover business etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication, and the many ways to present your very best self in 2012.
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The Elegant Executive is a free monthly newsletter offering tips, strategies and advice to enhance the softer side of one's career. We hope you find it useful, and that you'll share it with colleagues wanting to increase business by "looking the part" and connecting with others more successfully.

DressPlan for Success - Part II

Last month we took a look at half of the Professional Development Plan I put together for a coaching client who wanted to work on three things: (1) more visibility at work, (2) more self-confidence, and (3) better networking skills. Below you'll find the second half of the plan. 


2012 Professional Development Plan (Sample)




1. Write another article, send this to the same list and attach to LinkedIn page.

2. Give both articles (with feedback from first article, if possible) to marketing department to post on firm's website, publish in firm's newsletter, etc.

3. Share both articles with bar association.




1. Shop for a few new fall/winter items to add to killer wardrobe.

2. Find new group/association/charity to join in the fall.

3. Take some time off.




1. Assess the last 8 months: Is speaking easier? How is mentor relationship(s)? How many networking events have you attended in the last 8 months? Should be more than 8.

2. Identify newer associate at firm to mentor on a casual basis.

3. Ask marketing department to help you develop a continuing education (CLE) course for clients and prospects.




1. Write another article on CLE course subject matter. Share with colleagues, clients, LinkedIn, firm's website, etc., promoting CLE course. Deliver CLE course.

2. Reconsider personal brand explored in January - any changes to make?

3. Propose fun holiday or post-holiday event for affinity group and chair the event.




1. Pull together list of all contacts for the firm's holiday card mailing.

2. Summarize CLE program successes and failures; plan another one for spring.

3. Ask for firm's support of holiday charity event (Toys for Tots, Wounded Warriors, coat drive, food drive, etc.); manage event.




1. Start a new group on LinkedIn and invite others to join.

2. Consider writing a column for trade press, firm's newsletter, other publication.

3. Write a sincere, heartfelt thank-you note to everyone who added to your professional development over the past 11 months. Pat yourself on the back again. Happy New Year!


Click here if you didn't see Part I.



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CommunicationElegant Communication Tip of the Month

Loving LinkedIn
Last year I made a point to learn more about social media. After deciding LinkedIn was best suited for professionals looking to connect and build more business, I read Wayne Breitbarth's book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, to help me get started.
Breitbarth's clearly written steps will have even the most technically challenged professional posting a powerful profile in no time. Here are three tips from Linked In Success I want to share with you today:
1. Complete Your Profile. "You should expect your profile to regularly be compared to those of your competitors. Therefore, in order to gain a competitive advantage, you will want your profile to include a plethora of information, keywords and details about who you are, what you hope to accomplish, and how you might be able to assist others."
2. Connect with Classmates. "Reconnecting with old friends is fun, but it can also be very productive; some of your old drinking buddies may now be presidents of the companies with which you are trying to do business."
3.  Join Groups. "The Groups function in LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools on the site for interacting with people in your industry, region or specialty." He adds, "Users rate groups as the second most important part of LinkedIn."
If you don't even know what LinkedIn is, please view the video below and then get the book
The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth
The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth

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