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April 2011
JINSA Visits Naval Special Warfare
Claudia Rosett on Libya
Global Briefing: Japan
Mike Pence Addresses JINSA in NY
Op-ed on Iranian Arms to Hamas
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#1077 - Goldstone's Lament and the Damage Done 

Naval Special Warfare hosts JINSA - Story from

Navy.milNaval Special Warfare (NSW) Command in Coronado, Calif. hosted more than 20 members of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) during a visit, April 1, intended to educate community leaders on the mission, methods and equipment of NSW.

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Claudia Rosett - "Libya, and the New Rules of the Old Great Game"

On April 1, Award-winning investigative journalist Claudia Rosett briefed a private audience of JINSA members on "Libya, and the New Rules of the Old Great Game". Rosett, Journalist-in-Residence with the FoundatioClaudia Rosettn for Defense of Democracies, has been covering Libya and the Gaddafi regime for more than two decades for such outlets as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Commentary and The Weekly Standard. Rosett made international headlines by exposing the corruption behind the United Nations' Oil-for-Food program and other scandals. She has also extensively covered the sanctions efforts against the North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons programs.

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Japan's Nuclear Crisis: Resolution Demanded in a Time of Urgency 

In the latest JINSA Global Briefing, Hudson Instit
uteNuclear Senior Fellows Seth Cropsey and Jun Isomura discuss how to lessen the chance for a greater nuclear disaster in Japan focusing on increased international cooperation and more effective crisis management from the Japanese political leadership.

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JINSA Hears from Congressman Mike Pence in New York

On April 12, members of the JINSA New York Cabinet enjoyed lunch with U.S. Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) who expressed concerns about American policy inconsistencies in the Middle East citing the lack of response to the uprisings in Iran in 2009.

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To Stop the Flow of Iranian Arms to Hamas You Must Know Where to Look

After last month's failed attempt by Iran to transfer 50 tons of weapons to Hamas, the British and French governments now know where to start looking. And everyone should be looking at the interim government of Egypt. Op-ed by Shoshana Bryen, JINSA Senior Director for Security Policy.

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