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March 2011
Op-ed on Libya in National Review Online
Global Briefing - Russia and Georgia
Global Briefing - Sri Lanka
IDF Col. (res.) Bentzi Gruber in NYC and LI


#1076 - The President's Speech, Part II: A Problem for Us

#1075 - The President's Speech, Part I: A Problem for Him

#1074 - Syrian Turmoil Could Benefit the Region

#1073 - Gaddafi Plays for Time, What Do We Do?

#1072 - Only Palestinians Are Not Held to a Standard

#1071 - From Terrorist Infiltrators to Arms Ships, Israel Has to Think of Everything

#1070 - Marinating in Hatred

#1069 - Mr. King's Hearings and America's Strategic Objective

#1068 - No American War in Libya

#1067 - Foreign Aid, Part II: Israel as a Security Asset

#1066 - Foreign Aid, Part I: If That's the Way They Want It...

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What Do We Want Done in Libya?

Op-ed by JINSA Senior Director for Security Policy, Shoshana Bryen, appears in the National Review Online. Military professionals ask their civilian masters, "What is it you want to have done? What is the outcome you seek?" As long as the United States and its allies remain conflicted about the status of Gaddafi, there is no mission to accomplish and no way to know when we're done.

Click here to read the full op-ed in the NRO

Russia's Continued Aggressive Policy Targets Georgia and the West

9K58In the latest JINSA Global Briefing, Khatuna Mshvidobadze, a Senior Associate at the Georgian Security Analysis Center, explains how Russia's deployment of the Smerch and Tochka rocket and missile systems into occupied Georgian territory underscores its strategy of dominating NATO's Northern Distribution Network and maintaining a chokehold on the critical East-West Corridor.

Click here to read the Global Briefing

Defeating Terrorism - Why the Tamil Tigers Lost Eelam...And How Sri Lanka Won the War

In a JINSA Global Briefing, Prof. M.D. Nalapat of India's Manipal University highlights key lessons for any country combating terrorism in his analysis of the critical decisions that led to the defeat of one of the world's most resilient terrorist insurgent groups, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Click here to read the Global Briefing

IDF Col. (res.) Bentzi Gruber will speak on "Ethics in the Field" in NYC and Long Island

During his talk, Col. Gruber will show many videos, some declassified exclusively for his presentation. Additional video from Operation Cast Lead, as well as personal accounts from the battlefield,  will provide insight into the decision-making process behind Israel's military policy.

Click here if to find out more information if you are interested in attending in NYC or Long Island

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