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August 2010
Imam Feisal Press Release
The Mosque Plan
Journal Article Used by U.S. Army War College
Georgia as a Test Case
JINSA in Defense News
Oregon Air National Guard and Coast Guard Base Visit

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Press Release - JINSA to Clinton: Feisal Wrong Person to Deliver America's Message to the Muslim World

In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, JINSA expressed its discontent with the State Department's controversial decision to send Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to the Middle East to promote religious tolerance and discuss Muslim life in America.

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The Mosque Plan

So what to do about the mosque?, JINSA Senior Director for Security Policy Shoshana Bryen asks in an exclusive JINSA article. Oppose it - because no sliver of American society should be permitted to lay claim to the site for its own purposes. Oppose it - because the sources of its money are secret and its religious leadership shows no evidence of the tolerance required in public American institutions, and if it isn't a public institution, it doesn't belong there for the first reason.

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Journal of International Security Affairs article to be used by U.S. Army War College

The article, "Art of (Cyber) War," by Brian M. Mazanec published in the Spring 2009 issue of JINSA's Journal of International Security Affairs will be used in the U.S. Army War College's Department of Military Strategy, Planning, and Operations for Course WF2213, "Advanced Strategic Arts Program."

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Georgia Emerging As Test Case for Russia Relations "Reset"

Bokeria-KeatsThe Obama Administration has taken a long-overdue strong line opposing Russia's intimidation of the democratic Republic of Georgia. As the in-depth article by JINSA Communications Director Jim Colbert reveals, this potential break in the "reset" of U.S. relations with Russia came on the heels of JINSA action on the issue including a leadership mission to Tbilisi in May and subsequent meetings in Washington.

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JINSA Quoted in the Current Issue of Defense News on U.S. Attitudes Toward Israeli Defense Policy

"Shoshana Bryen, Senior Policy Director at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Washington, said, 'Emphasis on the requirement that Israel 'take tough decisions' implies that Israel has the key to peace, not its enemies. That if Israel doesn't take the decisions the administration thinks it should, the American commitment to provide technology and money for Israel's defense...could stop.'

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Oregon Air National Guard, Coast Guard Base Visits Highlight JINSA in the Northwest

Cape D LighthouseJINSA delegation visits the Oregon Air National Guard and gains an in-depth understanding of U.S. Coast Guard motor lifeboat training and rescue operations in the Pacific Northwest. The group was led by Rear Admiral Norm Saunders, USCG (Ret.), an alumnus of JINSA's Flag and General Officers' Trip to Israel and member of JINSA's Board of Advisors.

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