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July 2010
Members Trip to Israel
Video: The Truth About the Gaza Flotilla
Global Briefing
Iron Dome Defense System
Indo-U.S. Relationships

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JINSA Members Learn First Hand that Strategies to Isolate Israel in the Global Arena are the Latest Form of Terrorism

Twenty JINSA officers, members and professional staff traveled to Israel in June for a unique week-long program planned to obtain the latest, accurate information on Israel's security and political situation. And to provide for the group an opportunity to participate in meetings similar to those conducted for the security professionals that travel on JINSA programs.

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The Truth About the Gaza Flotilla

Youtube logoIn late June in Tel Aviv, senior Israeli Defense Forces officials briefed JINSA members on the security situation confronting Israel. They provided the group with the following video about the "Flotilla" incident that took place on the morning of May 31, 2010. The most disturbing part of this video comes at around the 2:32 mark when the Israeli Navy attempts to contact the ships in the flotilla by radio. It is not clear from which flotilla vessel the disturbing responses emanated. Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that videos like this one that reveal the true nature of the flotilla incident are buried and overlooked by the media and public alike.

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The Israel-Arab Conflict: "Root Causes" and "Red Herrings"

Prof. Martin Sherman, the 2009-2010 Hebrew Union College/University of Southern California Schusterman Visiting Israeli Professor of Security Studies and International Policy, writing in the latest JINSA Global Briefing, repudiates the claims that Israeli "occupation" and the Israeli settlements are to blame for Palestinian violence.

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IDF Says Massive Hezbollah Rocket Threat May Obviate Highly Anticipated Iron Dome Defense System

Iron Dome LauncherRecent test successes for Israel's Iron Dome defense system may have helped eliminate concerns about the system's ability to respond to short-range rocket threats. IDF leadership has indicated that ground operations would still be necessary in the face of a large barrage of rockets. At the same time, an article by JINSA Research Associate Jacob Levkowicz reports, analysts continue to claim that the system's high cost may well prevent it from ever entering serial production.

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Administration Initiatives Test Indo-U.S. Partnership

Obama-SinghAfter eight years of unprecedented cooperation, the United States and India have begun a slow drift apart, an article by JINSA Research Associate Jacob Levkowicz reports. Relations have been strained over differences related to Washington's "Af-Pak" policy and the Obama Administration's lack of action on the 2008 civilian nuclear fuel deal.

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