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June 2010
The Jewish Advocate on David Ganz
Press Release: AKP Delegation in Washington
Commentary Magazine Blog on JINSA
1000th JINSA Report
Ft. Bragg Memorial Day Dedication
JINSA Board Visits Pentagon
Press Release: Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (HLP)
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New JINSA President David Ganz Profiled in Hometown Paper

This article from the Jewish Advocate, published in Boston, highlights JINSA and our new President, Mr. David Ganz.

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Press Release: Why JINSA Did Not Meet with the AKP Delegation in Washington

BW LogoThe Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) declined to meet with a delegation from Turkey's ruling party, the AKP, this week. JINSA views the AKP invitation as an attempt by the Government of Turkey to avoid dealing with the Government of Israel by appealing to the American Jewish community. As such, the effort failed.

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Commentary Magazine Lauds JINSA's Principled Stand

In an article titled "How to Stand With Israel,"Commentary Magazine's blog notes that "not every Jewish organization is taking the path of least resistance in opposing Obama's approach to Israel...It is disturbing that so few groups have decided to follow JINSA. It is yet another failure to stand up to the administration - and stand with Israel."

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Looking Back on 1,000 JINSA Reports

To mark the occasion of 1,000 JINSA Reports, published since 1995, we have finished reformatting and posting them on our website. Please take a look and let us know which JINSA Reports resonated most with you, which were your favorite, which you disagreed with, and which piqued your interest to learn more or to sound off. We looked back as well.

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JINSA Members Travel to Ft. Bragg for Memorial Day Dedication

USASOC LOGO On May 27, 2010, at the invitation of the Special Operations community, a small group of JINSA members traveled to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to participate in a special Memorial Day dedication and remembrance of the fallen warriors from the U.S. Army's Special Operations community.

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JINSA Board Visits Pentagon

JINSA held its Spring 2010 Board of Directors meeting, May 23-24, in Washington, DC. The centerpiece of the two-day event was a full-day visit to the Pentagon. The first half of the day was spent with the United States Marine Corps followed by an afternoon with the United States Army.

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Press Release: JINSA Applauds Supreme Court Decision Upholding Law Preventing Aid to Terrorist Groups

The case, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (HLP), was decided in a 6-3 decision on June 21. The court upheld the existing law, which forbids the provision of aid to terror organizations. JINSA signed on to an amicus brief filed by the Washington Legal Foundation in support of the existing law.

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