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January 2010
Global Briefing - NATO in Kosovo vs. IDF in Gaza
2009 Annual Dinner on YouTube
Israel Aids Haiti
Aviation Security
Global Briefing - Taiwan and Obama

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Proportionality & Hypocrisy: NATO in Kosovo vs. IDF in Gaza

Prof. Martin Sherman, the 2009-2010 Hebrew Union College/University of Southern California Schusterman Visiting Israeli Professor of Security Studies and International Policy, writing in the latest JINSA Global Briefing, analyzes the massive and enduring application of a double standard toward Israel with regard to alleged human rights abuses. Prof. Sherman compares Israeli actions in the war against Hamas with the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslav forces.

Click here to read the Global Briefing

2009 Annual Awards Dinner Now
on YouTube

YouTube Screen ShotIf you missed JINSA's 2009 Annual Awards Dinner, you can now watch the entire evening on YouTube. The video includes the presentation of the the Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson Distinguished Service Award and the Grateful Nation Award. Click the image to the right to watch the video.

Israel Leads the Way in Medical
Relief in Haiti

Accounts of Israel's extraordinary efforts to save lives in Haiti have circulated around the Internet quite a bit recently. Not surprisingly, however, Western media did not make much of their efforts to aid the Haitian people. Check out the links below to learn more about tiny Israel's selfless efforts to help desperate people on the other side of the world.

Click here to watch video of the Israeli field hospital in Haiti

Click here to see the Israeli aid mission returning home after nearly two weeks in Haiti

Colbert Discusses Aviation Security on Russian Television

RTVI LogoAppearing on RTVi Russian-language television news January 5, JINSA Communications Director Jim Colbert discussed the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Delta/Northwest Airlines flight 253 and, drawing on lessons learned by Israel, what could have been done to prevent it.

Click here to watch the video and read the commentary

Taiwan's Message to President Obama

In the wake of President Barak Obama's China trip this past November and the U.S.-China joint statement that resulted, many in Taiwan are apprehensive about Taiwan-U.S. ties and Taiwan's security, and for good reason, claims Dr. Parris Chang, writing in the latest JINSA Global Briefing. Chang is CEO of the Taiwan Institute for Political Economic and Strategic Studies.

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