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  May 2009
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Netanyahu and Obama
Bolton Briefs JINSA
Rethinking "Palestine"

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JINSA visits Air Force Special
Operations Command

On May 14, a JINSA delegation chaired by Board of Directors member Jack Mowell visited Hurlburt Field, home of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and home base to the 1st Special Operations Wing, to gain a greater understanding of AFSOC's tremendous contribution to American military operations. Major General Bob Patterson, USAF (ret.), a member of JINSA's Board of Advisors, personally led the group.  From 1985 to 1989, General Patterson served as AFSOC's first commander.

Full story coming soon to the JINSA website.

Netanyahu and Obama: Showdown at the O.K. Corral?

The first meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama took place today. The outcome is as yet unknown. In this May 18 op-ed, JINSA Executive Director Tom Neumann dissects the two leaders and speculates on where the talks will lead.

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Bolton Briefs JINSA: Iran is the Number One Obstacle to a Stable Middle East

In a May 20 conference call with JINSA leaders, Ambassador John Bolton discussed the meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu this past Monday and the issue of Iran. Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, served in government most recently as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2005-2006 and was Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security from 2001-2005.

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Rethinking "Palestine"

Rethinking "Palestine," a paper presented by Shoshana Bryen, senior director for security policy, at the JINSA conference on Emerging Security Issues for the Obama Administration. The conference, held March 26, focused on issues ranging from developments in Mexico to the future of the U.S. military in a post-industrial world.

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