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July-August 2008
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Spring 2008 Board Meeting
Dr. Liam Fox Addresses JINSA
Camp Pendleton Trip
Colonel T.X. Hammes Addresses JINSA
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JINSA Reports

#803- Palestinian Brotherhood

#802- The Sky is Not Falling

#801- Congressional Leadership? Hah!

#800- Sen. Obama in the Middle East, Part III (Jerusalem)

#799- Sen. Obama in the Middle East, Part II(The "Special Relationship")

#798- Sen. Obama in The Middle East, Part I

#797- Gordon Brown's Turn

#796- The Same Questions for Sen. Obama

#795- Notes to the Government of Israel

#794- Israel, the EU
and the PA

#793- Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, for Whom?

#792- Iranian Gas and Missile Games

#791- Negotiating Against Ourselves

#790- The Cause of Human Freedom, Then and Now

#789- Victory in Iraq

#788- Summer Reading:The Candy Bombers

#787- Seduced?

#786- A Proper Placefor Appeasement

#785- What MurthaShould Say

#784- Throwing Lebanon Under the Bus -A Lesson for Iraq?

#783- Here Comes the Hudna

#782- Israel's Principles: Reader Reactions

#781- Israel's Principles

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Spring 2008 Board Meeting Highlights

The JINSA 2008 Spring Board Meeting held June 1 in Washington, D.C., featured a panel discussion on the "Lessons Learned from Iraq and Lebanon." U.S. Army Colonel Kenneth R. Dahl led off the talk. Dahl, Assistant Director for Politico-Military Affairs (Middle East) of the Joint Staff, discussed emergent defense issues since the 2003 invasion of Saddam's Iraq under three areas: counter-insurgency, indigenous security and interagency coordination.

Read the full article here
UK's Shadow Defence Secretary
Addresses JINSA in NYC

On June 18, Dr. Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary of the British government, addressed an audience more than 100 JINSA members and supporters at the University Club in New York City. Fox, a leading Member of Parliament from the opposition Conservative Party, currently serves as Shadow Defence Secretary and, as such, closely follows the ruling Labour Party Defence Secretary whilst simultaneously developing alternative policies.

Read about the event here
Camp Pendleton Visited by JINSA Leaders

JINSA was invited to Camp Pendleton to observe the newest tactics and equipment employed by our Marines. The June visit was hosted by Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert, Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West, and escorted by 2008 JINSA Flag and General Officer Trip to Israel alumnus Maj. Gen. Mark Lott, USMC (ret).

Read the full article by David Justman
U.S. Marine Colonel T.X. Hammes
Addresses JINSA at Europe Project Forum

Hammes, author of The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century (Zenith Press, 2006) and an expert on insurgent warfare spoke to a group of JINSA members and supporters in Washington, DC on June 16, 2008.

Read about the event here

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