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Spring 2010


In this issue:
  • President's Greeting
  • Heat Flow Analysis - Simulating Real-World Conditions
  • Firwin attains UL 2200 Certification

  • Heat Flow Analysis - Simulating Real-World Conditions
    Heat Flow Simulation

    When trying to determine the best insulation solution for a particular application, many variables need to be taken into account. Is the purpose of the insulation to maintain a high exhaust temperature in order to ensure optimal catalytic performance, or perhaps to achieve as low as possible outside touch temperature to protect personnel from injury? What about air flow, ambient temperature, exhaust configuration, humidity, sunlight, etc.? All these factors can effect the temperature of the exhaust as it flows through the exhaust system, and consequently the effectiveness of various forms of insulation.

    Flow Simulation Software has become increasingly sophisticated in simulating real-world situations, and allowing companies to accurately predict exhaust characteristics. Armed with this analysis, companies can better determine which insulation solutions are the right ones for their application even before any prototype systems are built.

    Firwin attains UL 2200 Certification
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    Building on its recent ISO 9001:2008 certification, Firwin Corp is proud to announce it has also obtained UL 2200 certification, the organization's standard for Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies, allowing generator builders who use Firwin insulation blankets to be UL compliant.

    President's Greeting
    Paul Herman photo

    Welcome to the Spring 2010 issue of Firwin's industry newsletter, Insulation Insights. Our feature article in this issue is on Heat Flow Analysis, using sophisticated modelling software to assist our customers in making the correct insulation decision in complex heat flow situations. Plus, some news about our recent UL 2200 certification for Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies. As always, feel free to email me directly with any comments or suggestions you may have.

    Paul Herman, President, Firwin Corp

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