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Full Moon June, 2012
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the Transit of Venus


"Fortnightly Reflections"

by Bhikkhu Munindo


Spring Moon 

These are posted on the New and Full moons. 

If you would like to receive these on a regular basis there is a link in the following attachment.



 Monday 4th June 2012


When we appreciate fully
the benefit of our own pure deeds
we are filled with joy;
here and hereafter there is a celebration of joy.

Dhammapada v. 16

Our initial understanding of the Buddha's teachings might cause us to think we must try to avoid grasping at all times. A more subtle understanding reveals an impurity in that effort: grasping at an ideal that we mustn't grasp. This is not wrong, it is just an initial approach, and if we are practicing well, we will come to see it doesn't lead to freedom from suffering. When we begin to really let go of grasping - including the grasping at our precious ideals - what disappears is not our ....


 "The verses used in this fortnightly reflection are taken from the Dhammapada interpretation. My comments are not intended as interpretations of the verse but rather are aimed at inducting the reader into his or her own contemplation. You are entirely free to pick up these Dhamma teachings in a way that work for you"

 Bhikkhu Munindo

Ajahn Munindo

Bhikkhu Munindo was born in New Zealand in 1951. He received bhikkhu ordination (upasampadā) first under the Venerable Somdet Nyanasamvaro in 1974 and then under the Venerable Ajahn Chah in 1975. 
In 1990 he became senior incumbent at Aruna Ratanagiri, Northumberland, UK. 

"Icons of Impermanence: Contemporary Buddhist Art"

UBC's Buddhism and Contemporary Society Program, funded by The Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation, will hold a conference on contemporary Buddhist art July 6-8, 2012 at the University of British Columbia's Point Grey campus. Part of event series for Summer 2012 that includes the "Visions of Enlightenment" exhibition (May 10 - September 30), at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC.


Click here for more information about Visions of Enlightenment 


      Welcome to June's Full Moon Newsletter. 

             " To encourage and inspire. "

            moon and flowers

  Just the word, 'June', or the mention of the month, often lifts our spirits, and brings with it feelings of encouragement and inspiration.


   Especially for us living in the Northern hemisphere, June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year, and the month that we welcome the beginning of Summer.


June usually invokes the idea of warmer, brighter, lighter times.

So with the feelings of June upon us, I thought that a good theme for this month's newsletter could be "Encouragement" and "Inspiration"


en-cour-age n.

Synonyms: encourage, animate, cheer, hearten, inspire

1)   To inspire with hope

2)   To give support, to foster

3)   To stimulate


We all need encouragement and inspiration in our lives. Sometimes we need it to follow our dreams, and sometimes just to carry on day to day.


Many things can take the form of inspiration and encouragement: art, music, literature, or even just a kind word.


Perhaps you will find something in this newsletter that encourages you...



     May we all be inspired and encouraged!



           washing dishes


               From Voices of Insight,

                 by Kamala Masters


He said, "Have a general awareness of just washing the dishes, the movement of your hands, the warmth or coolness of the water, picking a dish up, soaping it, rinsing it, putting it down. Nothing else is happening now just washing the dishes." Then he told me to experience my postures or just notice that the process of seeing was happening. He said that I didn't need to go slow, or to observe everything moment-to-moment, but that I should have a general mindfulness of whatever was happening as I washed the dishes. "Just washing the dishes."


     Click here to read the complete article
Kamela MastersKamala Masters is one of the founders and teachers of the Vipassana Metta Foundation on Maui. She teaches retreats in the Theravada tradition at venues worldwide, including being a Core Teacher at the Insight Meditation Society at Barre, Massachusetts. Practicing since 1975, her teachers have been the late Anagarika Munindra of India and Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma with whom she continues to practice.
                        click here to access 


   Venerable Sarani Karuna,

   A female, western born, Buddhist monk, 

   is offering classes at the
Heartwood Meditation Centre 

in Kelowna, BC.


        Click here for more information 
             or call 778-478-7862



 ayya medhanandiAyyā Medhānandī           Bhikkhunī 


A native of Montreal, 

is the founder of 

Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage.


in Perth, Ontario, a pioneer Theravada Buddhist training monastery for bhikkhunīs in Canada.

Ayyā Medhānandī will be teaching in Alberta, June 19-26.

     * For information about her teaching schedule and weekend retreat in Canmore, contact Mary of the Bow Valley Sangha: ma48an49@telus.net


         For events in Calgary, click here



                         "A R T "

  In Buddhism, as in other major religions, the visual arts have played a central role. 

As Buddhism spread from place to place, it adapted local artistic traditions, creating styles and symbol-sets that not only represented Buddhism but, simultaneously, remained in touch with local sensibilities and culture. Portrayals of the Buddha and other important figures in stone, wood, bronze, and ink, for example, continue to anchor local communities, serve as their ritual center, and convey their teachings to new generations.



   SF Asian Art Gallery

  This past winter I had the opportunity to visit the Asia Art Museum in San Fransisco. One of the most extensive collections of Buddhist art in the world. 

A wonderful way to spend a few hours, or the whole day.  
                 San Francisco Museum of Asian Art