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September 11th, 2011 Binara Poya Day

Sati Saraniya Hermitage, in Perth Ontario will celebrate Binara Poya Day - the full moon day marking the anniversary of Mahapajapati Gotami Theri's ordination as the first bhikkhuni in the Buddha Sasana. Her ordination completed the Fourfold Assembly.

We hope to celebrate this full moon day every year (though it will fall on a different day) to honour her life as is done in Buddhist communities the world over. People gather to offer meal dana followed by meditation and Dhamma talk.

Practising meditation together, expressing gratitude that the Fourfold Assembly is being re-established in our time, and sharing the goodness of our wholesome actions with all beings everywhere are wonderful ways to honour our spiritual ancestor. 


September 17th 2011


Bhikkhuni Day


1st International Bhikkhuni

Day, a global celebration of bhikkhunis, fully ordained women. 






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Welcome to Sakyadhita Canada's first newsletter.


Our intention here is not to bombard you with information nor fill your inbox with continual 'mail'. But as a group, we felt that it was important to let our members, and friends, know about what we are doing. And to also use this as a reminder to encourage you to take a look at our web site.




Many people have been involved in forming this branch of Sakyadhita International, and we are looking forward to seeing how it can best evolve into something that is useful and informative.


If you personally have any thoughts or ideas on how to assist this process we would very much appreciate your input. Even as insignificant as some things can appear, it is often those small things that can help an organization evolve into a 'big' thing. So by just saying hello and letting us know you are paying attention, we will be inspired. And of course if you would like to submit a story, quote, link or suggestion that would be close to the Sakyadhita heart, it would be much welcomed.


Not to ignore that financial donation are always appreciated and welcomed. This can be done by becoming a member, or by donation.


So far this year with funds from donations and memberships we were able to sponsor a nun from Sri Lanka to attend the Sakyadhita conference this past June in Bangkok Thailand. Have a look on our web site for photos and more info. Also, our next newsletter will include photos and updates from this amazing event.


We were also able to purchase a banner for Sakyadhita Canada. It will be used at events and gathering. The beautiful logo and script translated well into something that we can display proudly.


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and perhaps having a look at the web site. It will be updated continually with events and news pertaining to Sakyadhita Canada.

 A Sakyadhita Canada
Fundraising Retreat


This past spring, April 30th to May 7th, Sakyadhita Canada offered its first residential retreat. The focus of this silent retreat was to practice moment-to-moment awareness in a special and unique meditation centre on Salt Spring Island called Stowel Lake Farm. We explored the meditation practices of sitting, lying, walking, and standing and the daily schedule included instruction on the various meditation techniques, daily mindful yoga sessions, individual interviews, group discussions, question/answer periods, and Dhamma teachings. It was a special opportunity to be quiet, and to be guided in meditation and yoga.



Teachers: Jayanta (Shirley Johannesen) and Patricia Galaczy


Jayanta (Shirley Johannesen)

Jayanta is founder and president of Stretch-Awareness. She is an acknowledged and respected international teacher of yoga and meditation.


Jayanta has studied and practiced extensively in the Theravada Forest tradition, and is a graduate of the Community of Abhayagiri Lay Ministers (CALM). She is a founding member of the Calgary Theravada Meditation Society, the Light of the Dhamma, the Canadian International Buddhist Foundation, and is president of Sakyadhita Canada.


Jayanta is a certified yoga instructor, and she studies and trains with many renowned yoga masters. She is a founding member of the Yoga Association of Alberta, and the Canadian Iyengar Yoga Association.


Patricia Galaczy

Patricia is a certified yoga instructor, meditator, and leadership educator. She is delighted to share the fruits of her dedicated training in mindfulness yoga and meditation by inviting individuals into their own experiences of awareness in body and mind. Patricia, with over ten years of practice, offers a wonderful integration of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation within a gentle and supportive container.


The word "Sakyadhita" translates as "Daughters of the Buddha." Sakyadhita International is an International Association of Buddhist Women formed in 1987. It has been holding conferences about every two years in several countries. As too, with Sakyadhita Canada, a major focus is to link Buddhist women, nuns and laywomen of many different Buddhist cultures and traditions, and thereby 'giving voice' to Buddhist women.



barb D in reflection

                         IN GRATITUDE                       


by Barbara Downie


                    Participant in Sakyadhita Canada's                  1st Residential Retreat.



Joy of Meditation




Picture if you will, softly rolling hills, ancient gnarled trees, yurts clustered here and there, birds aflutter, cats on the prowl, a croaking cacophony of frogs, brilliant tulips blooming, daffodils waving morning greetings, fields about to burst with impending produce, Plus!...... 


Thank you for reading our first newsletter