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I came face-to-face with the impact of food insecurity when my parents took on the challenge of raising my three pre-teen cousins, orphaned by family tragedy. Before joining our household, finding enough food was a daily struggle. They not only coped with the physical challenges of hunger and malnutrition; the emotional struggles were immense. After years of worrying about where their next meal might come from, these young girls found it nearly impossible to focus on learning, playing, and laughing -- things that should be second nature to children. Fortunately, my parents were their safety net and succeeded in changing their lives. Today, they are healthy, working adults, giving back to their communities in many ways. 

The Food Bank is the safety net for thousands! 

My family is not unique; thousands of our neighbors are in need. The Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County helps feed 44,000 people annually -- 40% of whom are children. By providing healthy, nutritious food throughout our community, children learn and thrive. Seniors find dignity and happiness. Working families have a second chance to secure their financial footing. Without the safety net of the Food Bank and the 200+ non-profit agencies we work with, our community would suffer greatly. Instead, with your help, we provide hope and change lives. 

We could not do it without your support.

As the need in our county rises, the support of foundations and the government decreases. Your time, effort, and money stay here, in San Luis Obispo County. For every dollar you provide, the Food Bank provides $10 worth of healthy, nutritious food to our neighbors. We enjoy increased buying power due to our relationship with Feeding America and the California Association of Food Banks. In addition, we have access to food rescued from local markets and farmers. We even glean from fields and orchards through GleanSLO. Notably, many local businesses and volunteers help us daily so we can stretch your dollar. On behalf of the employees, volunteers, and Board of Directors of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County, I thank you for your past support and urge you to help us once again this year. 

Laurie Quigley Saldaa
Board Chair, Food Bank Coalition
Food Bank Coalition of SLO County

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Hunger Facts 

2011 need was the highest ever


1 in 6 reach out for help. 


400,000 incidents of service were reported in 2011. 


Every $1 donated provides $10 worth of food.


40% of Food Bank recipients are under the age of 18. 


Produce at Distribution 

Did you know that 47% of what we distribute is fresh produce?