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The best part of my job is when I get to go out in the field and visit agencies or distribution sites and meet recipients first hand. Their gratitude is infectious and always seems to recharge me. This happened recently when I hit one of those walls: exhausted with paperwork, tired of problems and nothing seemed to be going right! 


When I visited a site to take care of some of the"paper work"a man in a wheel chair dropped a potato. I picked it up and handed it to him, when he asked who I was, I told him I was from The Food Bank. This prompted him to share his story with me. He is in his early 60's and was pretty healthy for his age until he was in an accident. He doesn't have enough money for nutritious food while he is out of work and recovering. A friend of his told him about a local pantry and the Food Bank. "I can't afford the healthy  food I need to make me feel better and I am so grateful to the people who make this happen. I can't wait to get back on my feet, so I can get back to work and give back." 


It is the Food Bank's intent not only to help make nutritious food available through our programs and agencies, but also to encourage and support each person we serve. He was thanking all of you and your hard work day in and day out. Without agencies like you we could not serve those in need. 


Wendy Lewis, Associate Director 

Hunger Walk!

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Raise Money for your Agency!   

All you need to do is create a team and get the word out to your supporters! Your agency will receive 50% of all the money your team raises in food credits at the Food Bank. The other 50% helps the Food Bank provide for the free and subsidized food your receive as well.

It's simple!  
  1.  Pick an identifiable and easy team name to remember for your agency's team:  e.g. "Atascadero Loaves & Fishes". 
  2. Call Megan at the Food Bank 238-4664 if you would like the Hunger Walk Logo, information sheets, etc. to use in your publications or handouts.
  3. Announce the walk in your emails, newsletters, meetings,etc., and encourage everyone to go to the Food Bank website and sign up for the walk as part of your team.  
  4. Emphasize that they need to get as many donations as possible! You might even have a special way of honoring the one who raises the most money on your team!
  5. Register online and be sure to identify your team name!
Remember - the walk is less than two months away, and it takes people time to collect donations.  The website is waiting and you can begin today!
 Sandwiches on Sunday!


A group from St. Rose Catholic Church in Paso Robles are starting Sandwiches on Sunday (SOS). SOS will be providing a bag lunch with a PB&J sandwich and a variation of either chips, snacks or box drinks to cover the only day a meal is not available in Paso Robles. The goal of the program is to bring Homeless Awareness in the Paso Robles community and to get youth involved in the project. 
Sandwiches will be distributed in the Pioneer Park across from People's Kitchen on Sunday's at 10 AM.   
July 2012 | A publication for Agency Partners of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County 
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