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I want to thank those of you who have expressed appreciation for our bi-monthly newsletter and blog.  It is great to know that it is read, of course, but even better to know that it is enjoyed!  I also encourage those of you who may have questions or even disagree with my thoughts to please engage by leaving comments on the blog or by responding to our newsletter.  Healthy debate in a climate of mutual respect and appreciation is a wonderful thing - and always leads to a closer and more functional community.  In other words, we want to learn from each other as well as present our own perspectives.  That way we have a better chance of solving some of the issues that face us. In our case, the issue is hunger and malnutrition in the midst of an abundance of healthy food, much of which goes to waste.  This week, I'm commenting on a popular book trilogy and new movie, The Hunger Games.  It is always interesting to see how art reflects reality.  I've given you my take on it.  Maybe you'd like to share yours!  


Carl Hansen, Executive Director 

KCOY Spring Telethon


Want to be a part of a telethon? Join the Food Bank Coalition, Good Samaritan Shelter of Santa Maria & Lompoc for the 1st annual KCOY Spring Telethon on Thursday, April 5th from 6 AM to 5 PMWe are in need of volunteers to answer calls at the phone bank located at the KCOY studio in Santa Maria. 


Volunteers are needed all day, but especially during the hours of: 

5:45 AM to 7:45 AM 

3 PM to 5 PM

5 PM to 7 PM 


Learn something about hunger in our county, make a donation or sign up to volunteer! For more information on how you can please contact 805) 238-4664. 

SESLOC Supports the Lovin' Lunchbox Program
SeslocDuring the month of April SESLOC will be hosting "Feeding Young Minds & Bodies", a program supporting the Food Banks Lovin' Lunchbox program.  Lovin' Lunchbox provides healthy after-school snacks and nutritious lunches during the summer months to low-income children. You can make a donation at any SESLOC branch and receive a special tote bag while supplies last.  Each dollar you donate purchases 10 pounds of food to help feed some of the 16,000 hungry children in our county. * Your donation will stretch further because SESLOC will match the first $1,500 in donations. 
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The blockbuster hit The Hunger Games was the third largest grossing movie released in history and even has meaning here in San Luis Obispo County. Did you know that the movie is sponsoring hunger relief throughout the country and even worldwide? ... Continue reading →...

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Hunger Facts 

2011 Need was the Highest Ever. 


1 in 6 Reached out for Help. 


400,000 Incidents of Service were Reported. 


Every $1 onated provides 10 lbs. of nutritious food or 7 meals.


40% of Food Bank recipients are under the age of 18. 


Produce at Distribution 

Did you know that 47% of what we distribute is fresh produce?


KCOY Spring Food Drive


March 20th - April 10th



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