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The Food Bank just turned 23 years old and we're already thinking about what we will be like when we reach our 25th Anniversary.  Do you remember what you were like when you were 23?  I'll bet you weren't thinking about what you would be like when you turn 25.  In our early years we tend to live in the moment, not looking ahead; time seems eternal.  As we get older, time becomes more precious.  We see it as fleeting in the face of all that we want to accomplish.  As the Food Bank Coalition approaches our 25th Anniversary, we realize that organizations are wise to take a long view of things and not just live in the present.  Hopefully, the good that we do in the community will continue well beyond our lifetimes. Our goal is that the Food Bank becomes an enduring legacy in its fight against hunger.  To put it another way, we live on through the difference we make in this world in the here and now. 


In fighting hunger we like to think about the difference we make in people's lives.  We imagine what a child will be like 20 years from now because he or she had access to nutritious food when younger. Considering proper nutrition is the basic building block of a healthy mind and body. How different will a child's quality of life be in 20 years without this basic need met?  What contribution will that child make to the quality of a family, of a community, of the world?  The founder of Facebook was just a child 20 years ago.  As Facebook goes public and stock is available, we marvel at the difference this child of 20 years ago has made in the world in which we live.  I guarantee each of you as a donor, or a volunteer, an employee, or a board member are leaving a legacy far beyond the immediate good you offer of a nutritious meal and a friendly face.  Imagine the changes for good because of the thousands of lives you touch. 


Carl Hansen, Executive Director 

Cal Fresh


CalFresh, formerly called Food Stamps is a nutrition assistance program that allows low income families to purchase nutritious and healthy food. The Food Bank Coalition offers pre-screenings and application assistance so that families no longer have to choose between purchasing food to eat and paying for basic life necessities.  


In 2012 we are expanding from Food Pantry Outreach into Grocery Outlet Outreach.  We have begun partnering with local grocery discount markets throughout the county to reach low income shoppers to help them purchase quality nutritious food through the CalFresh program. Please contact Debbie Bilek at (805) 835-1355 for more information.  Se habla espanol.

 Talent Wise
TalentWise a hiring process management company recently conducted a Facebook contest asking clients to create the best Human Resource idea for 2012. Local Jenny Morgan of Mainstream Energy won the contest awarding a $1,000 donation to a charity of her choice, the Food Bank Coalition. 

"I'm really grateful that Talent Wise made this a possibility. I have volunteered at the distribution site at Mercy Church with our entire Human Resources team, and I have also had the opportunity to participate in GleanSLO. I love the Food Bank and its passion to meet the needs of many individuals and families in SLO County." - Jenny Morgan 

 AG Network


Want to hear our Executive Director, Carl Hansen speak about our local food system? Join Joseph McIntyre and a community panel for:


Demystifying Regional Food Systems - A New Look at an Evolving Trend in Farming & Food. 


Tuesday, March 6th, 6 PM


The Monday Club - 1815 Monterey Street, SLO 

A Presentation By: Joseph McIntyre 

Followed by a panelist discussion. 

From Your Friends,


Food Bank Coalition of SLO County

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Compared to large metropolitan areas, our Food Bank is considered small do to the size of our county. This results in many staff members wearing multiple hats, not allowing us to have paid staff in some of the positions that would provide professional expertise ... Continue reading →...

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Hunger Facts 

2011 Need was the highest ever. 


1 in 6 Reached out for help. 


400,000 Incidents of Service were Reported. 


Every $1 donated provides 10 lbs. of nutritious food or 7 meals.


40% of Food Bank recipients are under the age of 18. 


Have A Heart Food Drive 

Have A Heart 2012 


We have sold over 5,000 hearts thus far! Be sure to stop by your local Food 4 Less during the month of February! 


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