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Everyone the Food Bank serves, whether an individual, a family, or an agency, deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity.


These words above are the third principle in the Food Bank Coalition's Values Statement that shapes the way we relate to our community.  There are very strict laws in the non-profit world to control abuses and to make sure that donors' funds are used solely for charitable purposes.  Because these laws provide order and fairness, it is important for us to make sure that everyone in our organization understands them and implements them, whether employee or volunteer. 


Charity and regulations live in tension with one another.  Beneath the rules of our American way is a deeper value that does not divide us in the way that right and wrong does; it is the ability to see one another as fellow human beings no better or worse than ourselves.  When we can see the dignity of human beings, regardless of their circumstances in life, we begin to pave the way for new possibilities and new realities. 


Rules are a necessary means to an end.  But the end is to live in a society where people live together in the fullness of life.   


Carl Hansen, Executive Director 

 Joshua's Bar MitzvahJosh'a Bar Mitzah

When a Jewish boy turns 13, he participates in a rite of passage by which he claims his faith personally and takes upon himself the responsibilities of a man in his faith community.  There is a similar ceremony for girls called a Bat Mitzvah.  Literally, in Hebrew the ceremony means "Son of Commandment" or, "Daughter of Commandment." Did you know that children are encouraged to give thanks to God at this significant time in life by helping those in need?  I had the pleasure of receiving $1,000 from Joshua from his Bar Mitzvah to help us fight hunger. He, his mother and sister also volunteered at the SLO Hunger Walk site! Fighting hunger and helping the poor is a given for for all people of faith, and Joshua has stepped into that calling. Thank you Joshua!

Ending Hunger One Step at a Time...

The 3rd annual Hunger Walk took place on Sunday, September 25th at 8 sites throughout the county. This years walk brought together over 1,000 walkers and raised over $65,000! Thank you to our co-sponsor Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice and our many other supporters. This event would have not been successful without you. Congratulations to Consuelo Macedo for raising the most money as an individual walker! 


Top Walkers by City: 

5-Cities                                           Atascadero 

1. Nancy Pabst - $910                      1. Lois Ramont - $715  

2. Art Spoo - $679                             2. Kay Rasband - $370

3. Valeria Valle - $545                      3. Leslie Moss - $319 


Cambria                                         Morro Bay 

1. Consuelo Macedo - $2,625          1. Kathy Mizell - $1,750

2. Iona Soucie - $495                        2. Pat Mangione - $1,083 

3. Thelma Knight - $215                    3. Patricia Winstanley - $847


Nipomo                                           Paso Robles 

1. Marge Bellio - $365                        1. Stacie Dewitt - $566 

2. Greg Dutra - $198                          2. Lisa Wells - $382

3. Andy Cortez - $180                        3. Iz Crabtree - $265


SLO                                                 Saturday Walk

1. Susan Stenovect - $1,146              1. Jimmy Johnson - $610

2. The Conover Triplets - $957.90       2. Steve Bennett - $255

3. Mary Whiteford - $660                   3. Renee Mattice - $200 


Top Teams by City: 

SLOSLO United Methodist Church - $3,504.90              

Morro BayTrinity United Methodist Church - $3,291

AtascaderoCommunity Church - $3,238 

5-CitiesSouth County's Peoples Kitchen - $1,984 

Paso RoblesPaso C.A.R.E.S. - $1,072.17 

NipomoSanta Maria Valley Hispanic Church - $678.77 

Cambria - Cambria Vineyard Church - $358          


Back Pack Snack Pack Program

With the success of our Lovin' Lunchbox summer meal program that delivered nutritious meals to children this past summer, we are pleased to announce our participation in a new program this fall.  We have partnered with the Community Child Nutrition Snack Project (CCNSP) set to distribute over 133,000 snacks through our Back Pack Snack Program at 11 afterschool programs over the course of the 2011-2012 school year.  The program will provide nutritious snacks to low-income children, helping them get the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow. 

From Your Friends,


Food Bank Coalition of SLO County

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Hunger Facts 

Every $1 donated provides 10 lbs. of nutritious food or 7 meals


In 2010, the we distributed 5.5 million pounds of food 


40% of Food Bank recipients are under the age of 18. 

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