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The Food Bank Coalition operates using a set of values that were adopted by our Board of Directors in May of 2008. In this issue I will discuss our second value which states that we want to provide not only nutritious food, but also to encourage and support each person we serve. We recognize their possible vulnerabilities and sensitivities.   


The current climate seems to emphasize our personal freedoms and rights over and against our collective sense of responsibility to one another.  We have long known that basic human decency and societal well-being is dependent upon a concern for the greater good.  Part of that good is compassion toward those who are unable to help themselves adequately, for those who are down on their luck, and even for those who have made mistakes. 


The food that our community provides through the Food Bank is an expression of compassion.  The food is important, but being treated with kindness and respect is equally significant. This brings encouragement and offers hope.  It shows that people care and reminds them they are important. Feeling important and gaining self-worth, knowing that they aren't forgotten, but valued as neighbors puts them one step closer to getting back on their feet. Healthy food is simply the basic necessity for their ongoing development as successful human beings.  


Carl Hansen, Executive Director 

The Conover Triplets Challenge Others to Get Involved!  Conover Triplets

Three small but mighty 4 year old triplets are making a huge contribution to our third annual "Hunder Walk" as they say it. Marley, Audry and Cordell Conover learned about the Hunger Walk and hungry people while attending church.  Mary Whiteford a SLO committee member dressed up as Sandie the Sandwich during a children's service at United Methodist Church.  They were so inspired that they told their mom Kelly "we have to do the Hunger Walk" and even brought up giving their piggy bank money.  When their mom asked why they want to walk, Audrey said, "I want to bring peanut butter and jelly to the homeless people that don't have any food".  Kelly say's "It's easy as a parent to preach what you need to do, but out of the mouths of babes...they're making me walk the walk"!  So the entire Conover clan is gathering donations and getting ready for Sunday, September 25th at the SLO site. So far they have raised a staggering $500 that with our buying power will be stretched to provide 5,000 pounds of food. Looks like Aubrey and her siblings will get their wish and be able to provide a lot of peanut butter and jelly. To join the walk and help us and the triplets end hunger one step at a time go online or call the Food Bank at (805) 238-4664.         

Canyon Creek

Agency Spotlight

People's Self Help Housing - is an agency partner of the Food Bank Coalition. Their Canyon Creek program located in Paso Robles serves low income elementary students. Kim Gaspar, program educator shops twice a week spending on average $1.00 per visit. Many of the items she purchases are fruit, vegetables, milk, nuts, cereal, yogurt, bread and juice. Without the Food Bank, People's Self Help Housing would not have the extra funds necessary to feed 70 students nutritious snacks on a daily basis. "It would be a financial challenge for People's Self Help Housing to purchase a nutritious snack daily for 70 students, we are so thankful for the Food Bank services". The Food Bank also distributes food once a month to feed families at the Canyon Creek apartments. 

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Every $1 donated provides 10 lbs. of nutritious food or 7 meals


In 2010, the we distributed 5.5 million pounds of food 


40% of Food Bank recipients are under the age of 18. 

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