Urgent! We Need Help Today to Pass Solar For All
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August 24, 2012
Phone Call Tips
When you call senators Vargas and Kehoe, tell them:
  • your name
  • the city you live in  
  • that you support AB 1990.  

Remind them that this bill is important for your community because:  

  • it will create jobs,
  • improve your community's health
  • give you access to solar energy. 

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Call Senators Vargas and Kehoe Today

Tell them AB 1990 will create jobs and build important clean infrastructure in your community  

Please call Senator Christine Kehoe (916-651-4039) and Senator Juan Vargas (916-651-4040) and tell them you support AB 1990--Solar For All.


Our Solar For All Bill--AB 1990-is under attack by the big utility companies. We need your help today to ensure that Solar For All is approved by the Senate before time runs out.


Solar for All will build renewable energy right in our neighborhoods, create 3,200 green jobs and put us on the path to cleaner air. Solar For All is endorsed by more than 80 social justice, environmental, business and solar groups, including EHC.  


Please call Senator Juan Vargas (916-651-4040) and Senator Christine Kehoe (916-651-4039) to tell them you support this bill, too.


Call today to ensure that lobbying efforts by the massive utility companies don't undo what we've worked so hard to accomplish in our communities that deserve clean air and green jobs.