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Stand By Me Once More; This Time in Celebration

It's Laura Hunter, your tireless advocate who stood with you for more than 20 years demanding a clean San Diego Bay.

I need your help one more time. Join me on May celebrate our victories.

When I reflect on our efforts to shut down the South Bay Power Plant, collaborate on the Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan and demand pollution cleaned from San Diego Bay, it's EHC's members who standout in my memory.

Your commitment, courage, and persistence motivated me at every turn (and there have been a lot of them). You empowered me as you stood to fight for your families and your communities.

At public hearings, you moved me with your eloquence as we rallied together against San Diego's biggest polluters. You stood one by one to speak from your heart to tell public officials what a clean bay means to you and why it matters to San Diego. 

Please stand with me again on May 22 aboard The Berkeley Ferry Boat on San Diego Bay to celebrate these courageous moments and colossal environmental wins.

We could not have triumphed without your work; we cannot celebrate without you. Secure your seat for the festivities on May 22 for only $45.

I'll see you there.

Laura Hunter
Environmental Health Coalition, 2727 Hoover Ave, Suite 202, National City, California, 91950