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500,000 tribal families in Odisha, India set to receive land titles in next five years     
The government of Odisha, India has announced it will scale its flagship homestead-allotment program, promising land titles to about 500,000 tribal families in the Indian state. Landesa/RDI helped design and implement the program that trains youth from rural communities to help government officials find and support landless families.
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Ratna's Story: She has a choice for her future

Girls born in impoverished rural areas in India rarely have the chance to chart their own futures. But an innovative government partnership with Landesa is helping Ratna, her brother, and their mother have bigger dreams for the years ahead. 
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Landesa makes new contribution to the reform of China's land takings law  

Land taking and the insecurity that threat poses to rural farmers in China has led the government to reform its land taking law. Landesa advised key decision makers and submitted comprehensive policy recommendations to advocate for more equitable and transparent policies, which senior officials have supported.  Full story 


Landesa Works with China's Government on Farmers' Rights to Forestland 

Supported by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), Landesa conducted field research with the State Forestry Administration to revise and improve the compensation standards of regulations aimed at preserving China's forest resources.  Full story  





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Landesa in the News
Al Jazeera publishes an editorial by Landesa India state directors on how securing land rights for women can help reduce child malnutrition.

The Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars posts an article by Landesa President Tim Hanstad connecting land rights to the new book, Why Nations Fail.

AlertNet interview Hanstad on how land rights can make a world of difference.

Landesa's paralegal model is featured in the video: Land security brings food security, produced by AlertNet.

AlertNet reports on the power of rural lawyers to help Indian tribes find food security, part of an in-depth special, Solutions for a Hungry World.

TrustLaw Women posts an article by Landesa's Women's Land Rights Fellow, Amanda Richardson, linking women's land rights and improved food nutrition.

In response to a New York Times Op-Ed on social entrepreneurs' reluctance to work with governments, Skoll CEO Sally Osberg writes on the Huffington Post that Landesa and other organizations are successfully engaging with governments.

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