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Our January newsletter highlighted an upcoming book.  I'm happy to announce that on March 13th, we released Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired, the first of four planned milewalk Business Books.  It's now being sold in hardcover, paperback, and various e-book forms in over 50 countries and can be purchased from the publisher, your local bookstore, or preferred on-line retailer.  For an inside peek, click here.


I consider you a valuable member of the milewalk network.  As such, I want to share this with you -- yes, literally give it to you for free -- because in some way you have contributed to my ability to develop this.  In that regard, it's important to me that you benefit from what I've learned.


About the book...


Interview Intervention is an interpersonal communication book wrapped in a professional self-evaluation and job interview setting. It creates awareness of the undetected reasons a job-seeker actually attains the job and prescribes techniques to address those reasons using effective storytelling and question-asking methods. In addition to helping any job-seeker, it will benefit those who require significant levels of interpersonal communication to be successful in their professional lives, such as marketers, advertisers, sellers, recruiters, interviewers, speakers, writers, and a host of other professionals.


How you can help...


While I'd love for everyone to own a copy (you actually can have one for free -- keep reading), I really hope you'll help in the area that matters most to me -- creating awareness of these unique concepts so they can help the many who need them. The recent rough employment market created a demand for this, and I'd like to do my part to help eradicate it.


Some of you know the distribution capabilities and benefits of using technology and social media to create awareness with the click of a button, but I thought I'd add a few of the many ways you can help:


  • Circulate the message via word of mouth or forward this email to those you think would find the material helpful; you can also share it via the social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.
  • Write book reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press; you can actually provide a review even if you didn't purchase the book directly from them. 
  • Provide insight to me regarding networking groups, organizations, companies or any other entities you think would be interested in connecting with me on this material; this could include needing the book, speaking engagements, roundtable sessions, etc.
  • Send your suggestions for improvements; this is the first book of four; I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding ways I could improve the rest of the series.
  • Follow the blog and circulate it (more on this below).


What's to come & staying connected...


I'm currently working with the publisher to launch a national publicity campaign that will include TV and radio appearances along with visibility in newspapers, magazines, and social media sites. This will start in earnest later this month.  I'll keep that information updated using a variety of outlets:


Websites: We've launched a milewalk Books website that contains information about Interview Intervention and upcoming books. The site also contains Media and Blog information. I will keep the Media section populated with appearances, interviews, and other relevant news.


Blog(s): I'll be keeping an Author's Blog populated with information on Interview Intervention and other related topics. You can also follow the milewalk Blog which has been up and running for the past year or so. I will eventually conflate the two.


Facebook & Twitter: See below to LIKE and FOLLOW if you're interested in information related to the books, articles, employment tips, and media appearances.


My Gift To You...


Since you are part of the milewalk community, I'd like to offer you a complimentary e-book.  All I ask is that you follow milewalk on Facebook and/or Twitter between now and Friday May 15th AND reply to this email so that I can easily reply with your e-book.  To follow us on Facebook, click milewalk FB Page and select the LIKE button. To follow us on Twitter, click @milewalk and select the FOLLOW button.


I know some of you are already devoted milewalk followers via the social sites. If so, just reply to this email that you would enjoy a complimentary e-book version and I'll be happy to send it!  If you do not use social media and really would like an e-book version, you're welcome to reply as well (but I'll need you to cite the top five reasons why you still prefer to live in the last century). 


Again, I'd like to thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful network and helping me with this. Please don't hesitate to reach back with questions or just to say hello!!



About the Author
Andy LaCivita

Andy LaCivita is the chief executive of milewalk, an executive recruiting and human capital consulting company located in Chicago, IL.  He has consulted for over 150 companies throughout his career and publishes this free newsletter to the human resources community in hopes it will help you attract the top talent and improve your ability to motivate your employees.  After all, as Jim Collins indicates in Good to Great...people aren't your greatest asset, the right people are.  For a more complete biography, please visit the milewalk website.  


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