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This Thursday

Worship @ Cathedral, followed by our ritual pilgrimage to Fajitas n Ritas.


This Saturday

Occupy Wall Street with the Protest Chaplains


Next Thurs., 9.22

After Worship
Everyone Does Bible


Next Friday, 9.23

Jamie Hart at the Hard Rock Cafe-Boston


Thursday, Sept. 29  

The Crossing 5th Birthday Worship Party on Boston Common. Bring friends. Bring food. Join the revival! 


1st week in October

Small groups launch!

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the crossing

It takes prayer, care, people and money ($30,000 from our own community, to be exact) to bring the ministries of The Crossing to life. If we pool our resources -- and invite others to share, too -- we can do this! Here's how:



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our mission

the crossing at the altar 

The Crossing is a community that seeks to walk in the life-changing, world-changing Way of Jesus, sharing the love, hope, beauty and justice of God in the city of Boston.


Everybody is welcome to join as we gather for transformative worship, spiritual practice and 

authentic community; as we fuse the wisdom and mystery of ancient traditions with that of urban mystics, artists and activists; and as we move out to join God in healing, freeing and blessing all people, communities and the earth. 


go public with your love
Erin McGee Ferrell_Love Park
Erin McGee Ferrell's "Love Park"

This fall has turned into a season to witness to God's love.


This past weekend, people all over Boston and all over the world prayed and marked 10 years since the terror and heart-rending sadness of September 11, and we wondered aloud how to bring reconciliation and peace to this hurting world.


This coming weekend, thousands will gather in New York City to occupy Wall Street and demand an end to the unchecked rule of greed and might. A local group of Protest Chaplains -- many of them from The Crossing -- will head to the city bearing prayer, hope and the dream of God's justice among the protesters.


On Thursday, September 29, we'll step out to Boston Common to celebrate The Crossing's 5th anniversary with a Birthday WorshipCrossing B-Day Invite Party. It will be less a celebration of ourselves, and more a chance to step out, give thanks and bless the city with music, prayer, communion and real live food (I can't wait to pass out brownies and lemonade on the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets). We're dreaming of a tent revival like The Common hasn't ever seen. Come celebrate God's love out in the open.


Progressive Christians don't often go public with our witness. By the end of September, we'll have enough practice to put the lie to that old story. Let's be a different kind of Christian, world-changing Christians, starting now.


what's going on?

this week @ the crossing
THIS THURS. @ 6-7:30pm / Worship
Rev. Steph is in Ecuador, serving as Chaplain to the Episcopal House of Bishops. Isaac is taking a much-needed vacation in New Orleans. So please welcome Rev. Cameron Partridge, Episcopal Chaplain at Boston University, to the table. Reflection leader Amy Durfee West breaks open the Gospel of Matthew 20: 1-16, and the Action Team leads the spiritual practice: linking our prayer with our action. 


We share good, cheap food and community just around the corner from church. It's a Crossing institution, and if it's your first time, we subsidize with $5 (you'd be amazed what you can get for that much).


THIS SAT. / Occupy Wall Street with Prayer

Join the group heading to NYC this weekend to stand up against corporate powers and greed and witness to a whole different set of values. The occupation takes place Sept. 17, and many of us will be there as a prayerful presence: 

1. Check out the whole campaign here.

2. Lead song, prayer and vigils as a chaplain to protesters: or contact Marisa at

coming up @ the crossing

THURS., 9.29 @ 6pm / 5th B-day Worship Party on Boston Common
Show some Christian love to the entire city, as we celebrate 5 years of ministry with worship party on Boston Common. Bring friends, bring strangers, bring some potluck and get ready to worship and share food and blessing with our city.


Download the invite here. Pass it around!

CONTACT Vicki at or Valerie at for info and to help out. 

'Cuz this party will take a whole village!


We'll have four small groups launching this fall. Details forthcoming, but contact these leaders to express interest ...


Journey Group for Couples: You and the one you love can share prayer, reflection, meals and fellowship with others who are learning to share faith and life together.
CONTACT Leigh at or
Jason at 


Wrestling Group: This group invites people on a shorter journey -- four weeks at a time -- to explore key, big questions.
First up: What's a Christian Anyway?, an intensive four-week gathering for people who want to discuss faith and Jesus and God, even though they're not sure what it all means.
CONTACT Kevin at or 
Henry at


Downtown Reading Group: This group is taking shape, but members want to share a book, prayer and a meal. Considering lunchtime during the day -- perfect for all the folks who work downtown! CONTACT Bill at


Spiritual Formation Team: A year-long group for people who want to go deep in their own Christian journey AND prepare to be spiritual companions to others in our community. CONTACT Keith at or Adwoa at


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And stay tuned for our new website, which will be unveiled over the weekend. Sneak peak at the new site here.


what else is coming up?

FRIDAY, 9.23 @ 8-10pm/ Jamie Lynn Hart @ House of Blues

Our Music Director Jamie Lynn Hart releases her new CD with a big concert at Hard Rock Cafe in Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market. Let's get a group! Info at  

contact us

The Crossing community has been blessed with passionate, gifted members who give a whole lot of themselves for love of God.


If you want to learn more, share more or engage in worship, community or action, please contact the conveners for each of our ministry areas:


WORSHIP: where we fall in love with God

Isaac Everett /

Tamra Tucker / 


COMMUNITY: where we grow in love for each other and ourselves

Rev. Steph Spellers /

Keith Nelson /


ACTION: where we share God's love with our community and the world

Vicki Morte/


CONTACT US BY PHONE: 617.482.4826, x318