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"POEIRA" benefits Roof Repairs!

Please don't miss "Circo Poeira".  A unique theatrical 
Thank you Caio Stolai for helping the VCAF with you're 
in the "Big Top"!
$25 Tickets available
for March 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th shows.
Ticket price includes wine & appetizers
prior to the show.  Show time is 8pm
with doors open at 7pm.  Meet and greet the artist after the
show with music and dancing.
Caio Stolai in "Circo Poeira"





As you may already know, the Venice Circus Arts Foundation is working diligently to save the "Old Venice Circus Arena".  We believe this historically significant performing arts center MUST be "Rescued, Restored, & Revived" for future performing stars and the arts for Venice and surrounding counties.




In 1960, the circus brought the world to Venice and gave us an arena.



Now, that arena can bring a world of entertainment - and more to this area!




You can help by coming to our presentation about circus, but is not circus.


It is an award-winning theatrical experience.


Please see our final fundraiser performances to be held in the "Big Tops" (present location) at the old Kmart building, 1687 US Hwy 41 bypass in South Venice.  Benefit perfomances by Caio Stolai.











Circo Poeira / Dust Circus




The Dust Circus is a spectacle that mixes the language of circus, theater, and puppets. In a poetic and entertaining way, the play tells the history of the circus through the memories of an "Old Master". This character is the narrator of the story and retells fond memories about his circus career through the characters that make the show. The public will delight  in the lightness of the elephants and dexterity of his acrobats. You will enjoy the awkward Chinese equilibrist and will become enchanted with the beautiful ballerina dancer. The spectator puppets laugh at the craziness of the juggler and the vicissitudes of the pirofagist capoeirista. To end the show, the old artist provides a tribute to the respectable public. Well, what would be the circus without the public? 

The show was designed by Caio Stolai and Beto Lima. Caio Stolai is also the interpreter. The soundtrack also idealized by Caio Stolai is original and delicate. During the 50-minute presentation, the public is invited to travel to the intimate and nostalgic universe of the "Old Master". The play guarantees entertainment to thrill all ages.

Dust Circus Synopsis

The Dust Circus is under the cloth of the Old Master's memories. The Clown manipulator (Caio) is in the scene while the audience readies themselves. He announces with a look that the show will begin. He goes to the puppet "Old Master" and gives life to the character. Then the old master recognizes his circus and thus begins to relive his memories.

The "Old Master" asks the manipulator to set up the Circus for him. After that, between the seven heads of the "puppet audience", is the presenter head that was "cut" by the New Circus. The presenter announces the first attraction and thus begins the first of the numbers, the volte with horses that initiated the Riding Arena Round.

Then, the "Old Master" goes to China reminding his friend Ching Ling, the awkward  equilibrist. Afterwards, he goes to India and revives the number "pyramid with elephants". He finds the crazy juggler who throws three balls and after, throws  three knifes while blindfolded.
The old master remembers his friend, artist of the streets, the "Fire Capoeirista", who worked in the  Dust Circus in its golden age, showing great skills of dance and dexterity with his body.

The thrill of the "Old Master" is evident when he reviews the Ballerina dancing to him showing her love. In a moment of reflection, facing the audience puppet, character... without which no spectacle in the world ever happens...", the "Old Master" recognizes the value of the public in his life as an artist. He goes to the "real" audience and declares his love for the Circus - "Viva Circo" - to the end of time, - finale.


























Tent coming down 
We will need help taking the tent down after the March 13th weekend.

Please call our office 941-485-7675 if you are able to help with this task.  You should be in good physical shape as this is hard work.


Thank you! 

VCAF Guest Speaker Presentations

We are scheduled to present our cause to several local organizations.  If you would like a VCAF Guest Speaker for your group or organization please contact us for available dates.


We can also provide circus memorabilia and could possibly sell items, (circus jewelry, tee shirts, etc.) at the event as a fund raiser.  Call us with your ideas 941-485-7675.


March 2011

Venice Board of Realtors  Mar 17, 8-9am

Jacaranda Men's Club Luncheon March 22,


Jacaranda Ladie's Club Luncheon

Fox Run Trio Concert at Gazebo Mar 27,



April 2011

Friends of The Legacy Trail April 3, 1-2pm

Venice Yacht Club - Ladies Luncheon April 15, 2-4pm




Please support the VCAF by supporting our presentations.  If you have an idea for a fundraiser please by all means contact us:


The Venice Circus Arts Foundation
101 W. Venice Ave.
Suite 26, Venice Florida 34285. 
Remember we are a 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductible.  Support the arts, support our community, support our history! 
We have a donations link on our website
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Orlando Bevington
Venice Circus Arts Foundation