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June 2012 


Where on one island can you bring together the State of Michigan's head honcho, CEOs of so many global Michigan based corporations and hundreds of Michigan non-profit professionals of various missions to lay out a plan to make our state better?  Mackinac, of course!


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Mackinac Policy Conference and I wanted to start off our newsletter with a few of my thoughts.


Please read my post, "Lessons from the Island," to find out what I learned from the conference, and what I think it means to those of us living and working in Michigan. Also, please check out the below articles and our blog for business and consumer tips and advice.

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Melanie Duquesnel, President & CEO  

BBB Business Tips for Ensuring Your Business' Insurance                            advice 2


Smart business owners have the proper insurance to protect their company and its assets. But what happens if your insurance company goes under? What does that mean for your business? What are the liabilities? The BBB offers answers to the following frequently asked questions on what happens to a policy-holder's coverage if their insurance company goes out of business:

  • What happens when an insurance company becomes financially troubled?
  • Will I still have insurance coverage? 
  • What about any claims?
  • Where does the money come from to cover claims? 
  • How can I be sure my insurance company is safe? 
Get the answers to these questions on our blog, here.


Top 10 Summer Job Scam Tip-Offs    

School is out and many students are looking for jobs but they can easily become victims of job scheme scams. These students don't have a lot of work experience, so being lured by a job opportunity which requires no work experience and a high salary often sounds very enticing.     


The reality is these are closer to pyramid schemes rather than legitimate work opportunities. Many Internet and newspaper ads have postings that claim: "sum­mer job, make $300 a day!"; "last year our employ­ees made $10,000 over the sum­mer."

job scam 

Help your young workers navigate the working world by checking out our post, "10 tip-offs that an employment opportunity is a scam."


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