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BBB Gold Sponsor, Ikea, Stops Selling Incandescent Light Bulbs


Ikea has opted out of selling incandescent light bulbs in its attempt to become and promote a more eco-friendly store, according to The Examiner.

The available lighting it will keep in stock includes the compact fluorescent bulb, LED, halogen, and solar powered lamps.

Ikea's action comes ahead of a federal deadline that sets minimum efficiency standards for lighting. The minimum standard, set by the 2007 energy law, will take place between 2012 and 2014 and will preclude the sale of most incandescent bulbs.


A Message from the President
Is Marketing Strategy Just a Shot in the Dark? 
Mel's Head Shot
Melanie Duquesnel

We have all heard it lately...the business climate is getting warmer!  Thank goodness!  But for your business, exactly what does warmer mean?  How can you continue to turn up the heat in 2011?


What about advertising?  What about Internet marketing?  And how in the world do you know if your dollars are being spent well?  Read on

BBB Welcomes New Accredited Businesses
The BBB Serving Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula welcomed 93 New Accredited Businesses in November.  Click here to view.

Interested in Accrediting your business? Click here
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January Business Card Exchange!
Cherryl Thames
Cherryl Thames

Join us next Wednesday January 19th at the BBB's Conference Center for a complimentary continental breakfast and business to business networking session. Cherryl Thames, President and CEO of Quantum Leaps, will help you learn to accelerate your strategic planning process through creativity and innovation.


Click here today for more information and on how to register.

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Increase Your Market Reach 
BBB Launches Online Video Sponsorship Opportunities
HomepageThe BBB's Online Video Sponsorship Program provides exclusive placement of your banner, logo and video commercial throughout our website. Click here for more information.
Accredited Business Directory Marketing OpportunitiesDirectory 
Consumers use the Online Directory to seek out trustworthy businesses. Make your business stand out with an upgraded listing. Click here to find out how.
2011 Regulatory Changes for Small Businesses  
Change AheadTax changes and health care reform have received a lot of press over the past year -- and they could make a big difference for your business -- but small-business owners should also be aware of changes to unemployment insurance, flexible-spending-account plans, Federal Trade Commission requirements and stepped-up enforcement by the Internal Revenue Service. Accounting Today
Consumer Tips
Top 10 Scams and Rip-Offs of 2010 
Consumer Alert

Job hunters and those struggling to make money and get out of debt were common targets of fraudsters, hackers and deceptive businesses in this tough economy. Here is our list of the top 10 scams and rip-offs of 2010.

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